Names, Hollywood stars involved in the largest network of brothel "Nexium"

The FBI has dismantled the largest sex trafficking network under the cover of a "religious sect," based in Albany, called Nexium, which was founded and operates under the guise of women's rights advocacy, and includes groups of Hollywood movie stars and models.

The head of the network, Keith Ranier (57 years), was arrested in Mexico in March 2018, after the Federal Intelligence Service gathered information and evidence confirming that he was the operator of the network.

Excessive desire to have sex is a psychological illness

In the latest update of the list of diseases and injuries worldwide, the World Health Organization described excessive desire to have sex with mental disorder.

FAO expert Jeffrey Reid said it was crucial that the Global Classification of Diseases registry, widely used as an indicator of diagnosis and health assurance, accurately define such sexual behavior to ensure that assistance is provided to those affected.

Pamela Anderson: France coach allows players to have sex before matches

American actress Pamela Anderson said the French national coach had allowed players to have sex before matches at the 2018 World Cup.

 Pamela Anderson said she spent several nights with her French-Moroccan friend Adil Rami on his way to Russia for the World Cup, revealing that the French coach Didier Deschamps does not prevent his players from having sex with their wives or girlfriends during the World Cup.

Pamela Anderson said she could still spend more time with her friend Adil Rami because Dechamp has not stopped the players so far.

"The King of Instagram" accuses a model of sexually harassing his dog

Fashion model "Diana Monira" has responded to accusations by American billionaire Tony Totoni, nicknamed "King of Ingrid", that he sexually harassed his dog "Huff", saying that it is sexually harassed by encouraging his dog to climb and climb on her body.

She added that there was no photographer at the scene, and that "Tutuni" himself is the one who filmed video and pictures that appeared with the dog.

The Lebanese artist, Nicolas Chalhoub, married his beloved Javier Cole

The Lebanese artist, Nicolas Chalhoub, married his Spanish lover Javier Cole after she applied for civil marriage after the adoption of the Gay Marriage Act.

China: Back to school to kill colleagues because of sexual harassment

A young Chinese man was sexually harassed when he was a school student, making him despise his colleagues. He decided to kill them using a dagger.

He killed nine students and injured at least 10 others as they were returning to their homes in northern China.

Why did Cardi Pee get angry at the Me Too campaign?

The Me Too campaign revealed a lot about the crimes of molestation and rape in the Hollywood world, while the singing medium was not highlighted in any way, making the hip-hop star Cardi Bey very angry with the campaign.

Study: When does a woman feel remorse after a transient sexual relationship?

Studies have been conducted on cases where women do not feel remorse or regret may be less severe if they have a transient sexual relationship in comparison with men. While studies have shown that men do not care and feel no remorse, Focusing on situations where the degree of feeling of remorse in women is different.

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