Lebanese singer, Amar a flavored with a nutella

The Lebanese singer Amar published a collection of photographs of her wearing a bikini with the name "Nautla", but she put the word Bella on it.

Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker in the first Egyptian song

Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker surprised his audience and put on a new song in the Egyptian dialect that bears the name "Lih Eljarh".

Conchita Werst, the wounded singer, was infected with AIDS

Conchita Werst, the bearded singer, said she was infected with AIDS.

Werst, 29, a former winner of the Eurovision song contest, revealed it after she was threatened by her former boyfriend to announce her health.

She said she would not allow anyone to threaten her or negatively affect her future life. Since her condition was diagnosed, she began treatment.

Artist Sherine Abdel Wahab, sadness after joy

The artist Sherine Abdel Wahab After a few days of joy at her wedding, from the artist Hossam Habib, she was overcome with death, and grief began, where her father died, and the date and place of the funeral and condolences were not fixed.

Lebanese singer Qamar flirts Playboy magazine

It seems that the Lebanese artist, Qamar, is trying to flirt with the Playboy porn magazine. Every time she undergoes a shooting session, she insists on abandoning her clothes, so some expect her to be completely naked in the near future.

Donia Batma, Ambassador of the Moroccan caftan

Moroccan singer Donia Batma has been named the Ambassador of the Caftan of Morocco. This honor comes as part of the celebration organized by the Kingdom of Morocco to celebrate the birthday of Prince El Hassan Ben Mohamed, which will be part of the international fashion festival.

Video, British singer, Adele in a mad dance at her home

The British singer, Adele published a set of videos on Instagram, where she appeared dancing in her home, in front of television in a crazy way, Adele commented on the first video, saying: 1.

While she appeared in the second video, she danced in a quieter way and commented on it: mood2.

Lebanese star, Layal Abboud will soon be in a movie

Lebanese artist Layal Abboud held a concert in the Plaza Plaza square in Tabarja, in the presence of more than 600 people who came to enjoy her art and its distinctive ruins.

There have been reports that Layal Abboud is negotiating with an Arab production company to prepare for a joint Lebanese-Arab film competition to be filmed between Lebanon, Dubai and Egypt.

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