Video: The music of the mountains harmonizes and creates harmony paintings on the land of Tunisia

Tunisia / Awad Salam / When you listen to the voices of women and men with a unique voice, wide acoustic spaces, and tones in which you feel like voices coming from the top down the oasis, and with palm height and voice when the wind blows, you are really with pure mountain music.

This musical spring blends with electronic music in the framework of the popular music front project, and your mood is filled with feelings that may take you to dance, and perhaps climb you to heaven...

Carmen Suleiman and her baby are in traffic accident

The artist Carmen Suleiman and her son were injured in a car accident. Her husband, composer Mustafa Gad, immediately attended them and took them for the necessary medical examinations and reassurance.

Pictures of Lourdi starring at Park Life Festival

The international star Lourdes at the Park Life Festival in Manchester was admired by a wide range of fashion and fashion enthusiasts.

The famous pop star Lourdi, 21, appeared on the stage full of vitality and presented a number of her songs with which the audience clearly interacted. Many of the audience confirmed that Lourdi and her real name, Ella Mariga Lani Jelich O'Connor, were in high spirits during the ceremony.

Like Lebanese singer Mona El-Mtbouh, Moroccan singer Mayar Ghazoli insulted Egyptian journalists

The punishment awaiting Lebanese actress Mona Al-Mtbouh for insulting the Egyptians was not a sufficient lesson. The Moroccan artist residing in Egypt, Mayar Ghazouli, insulted Egyptian journalists and described them as apostates.

An Egyptian lawyer filed a complaint against Meier Ghazoli, after publishing a letter to Facebook that severely insulted the Egyptian press and journalists in a blatant and obscene manner.

The Saudi Embassy in Tunisia: The artist Latifa is lying

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tunis responded to the artist Latifa about preventing her from entering the Kingdom.

The Tunisian embassy in Tunis said in a statement: "What Latifa El-Arfaoui, a Tunisian woman known as Latifa, said in a television interview about her long-standing ban on coming to the kingdom to perform Umrah.

Why Saudi Arabia prevented the Tunisian artist Latifa from entering its territory

During an interview with MBC, Latifa Al-Tounsia, the actress, revealed that she is banned from entering Saudi Arabia since 2011 and is deprived of performing Umrah.

Latifa said she had received a visa normally from the Saudi embassy in Lebanon and went there to revive one of the weddings.

Rihanna separated from her boyfriend Saudi millionaire Hassan Jamil

ELLE magazine reported on MediaTakeOut News that the relationship between the international singer Rihanna and her lover, the Saudi millionaire, Hassan Jamil, ended after about a year

The most beautiful views of Lebanese artist Yara on her 35th birthday

The Lebanese singer Yara celebrated her 35th birthday and joined the list of the most elegant artists in the Arab world. She enjoys a feminine style that is soft and delicate, and this is what distinguished her from other stars.

The Lebanese artist is keen to choose the distinctive dresses that attract attention, especially when reviving concerts or appearing in television programs, which makes them spend a lot of money in order to obtain a luxurious and impressive view.

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