Brother of the late artist Sabah and fought their mother in the first picture

Many fans of the late artist Sabah, may not know that her mother died killed by her son.

The artist Sabah also did not learn about the death of her mother and the crime committed by her brother Antoine Fagali until almost two months later, when she was in Cairo and her first Lebanese husband Najib Shammas was keen to hide the news about her by all means. Until he had to tell her the truth, Then the shock.

Antoine Fagali is the brother of the late artist Sabah, born in 1930 in Bedadoun from Mount Lebanon.

The rape and murder of the singer "Maria Mathios Tennorio"

The body of the world singer "Maria Mathos Tenorio" was found on a Costa Rican beach, a week after she began her world tour to perform concerts.

According to the newspaper "Costa Rica Star", Maria Mathos Tenorio met a British woman and went to the sea together where they were assaulted by two men who tried to steal them.

Saudi artist Majid Al Majid and the fact of his death by firing squad

Saudi popular singer Majid Al Majid, 51, was shocked by his fans after being shot dead.

Majid al-Majed died of wounds sustained by a gunshot wound in his head, which led to intensive care at a Riyadh hospital last week.

French artist "Kenji Girak" on his first visit to Tunisia

"I am so proud and happy to present an exclusive musical concert in Tunisia as part of the 54th session of the International Festival of Carthage," said the French singer Kendji Girac during a press conference held on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at the Four Season Hotel (Gammarth) to present his show scheduled for Wednesday, August 01, 2018 at 22h00 at the Roman Theater of Carthage.

Turkish singer Holiya O'Shar's car is out of control during the dance of "Kiki"

Turkish singer Hulia Ochar has posted a 16-second video of the Kiki challenge on her official website at the Instagram site, which took place on a branch street in the town of Ayvalik in western Turkey.

At the beginning of the video, Oshar emerges from the door of her car before she begins to perform a kiki, but the car is out of control and went at full speed because it was on a slope. The video ended without hitting her car.

Holia O'Shares seems to have been wearing a bathrobe and no underwear.

Video, Nermin Safar dancing in underwear to celebrate the Republic Day

Facebook's social networking site featured a video of Tunisian singer Nermin Safar, who appeared dancing on the roof of her house in her underwear, mocking this national celebration.

Nermin Safar emerged as a mockery of the Republic Day, which falls on July 25 each year, and raised the banner of Tunisia, which is almost naked, wearing only underwear.

Nermin Safar is a controversial Tunisian singer whenever she appears on Tunisian satellite channels.

The Roman Theater of Carthage, Amina Fakhet Show

The Roman Theater of Carthage found on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 its moments of great glory with an overflowing stands, an atmosphere of fusion between the audience and the artist with an intense happiness that only big stars are able to offer. And for a good reason, only the Tunisian diva Amina Fakhet, who performs for the second time within this 54th session, always make the surprise by her performance which always fits the desires of the audience.

Amina Fakhet, triumphed on the stage of Carthage as she has always done before proving to everyone that her absence of more than eight years, will never change the great love that her audience carries for her.

Demi Lovato returns from death

Pop singer Demi Lovato returned from death as she was approached by a drug overdose and was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles.

US media confirmed that "the 25-year-old Lovato is in stable condition."

"Luvato was given the drug Neloxin, which treats excess doses of drugs," the website of the TMZ news agency said, after suspected heroin abuse.

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