"Apple" will offer for the iPhone SE 2, the most expensive price

Apple may announce the new phone for the iPhone SE 2 at Apple's global developer conference in California, according to the British newspaper Express.

For iPhone SE 2 will be cheap, and Apple seeks to target a new segment of smartphone users, especially after the iPhone "iPhone X" criticized for the high price.

Wait for Pixel 3 phones from Google

Google will launch the third generation of its Pixel 3 smartphones, including a model with an almost edge-to-edge screen, according to a new Bloomberg report based on its sources' comments.

The company plans to launch at least two models of the phone. These devices are likely to be called Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The larger handset is designed with a semi-complete edge-to-edge screen, except for a thicker underside on the phone. The top edge of the front, while the smaller model looks similar to last year's Pixel 2 phone, so it will not include a bump or screen extending from edge to edge.

HTC launches its U12 Plus with 24 premium features

HTC launched its flagship U-12 Plus, the first flagship smartphone with a dual-camera since the company introduced the One M8 phone.

The new phone has 24 distinct specifications, the most important of which are:

The latest processors of Qualcomm "Snape Dragon 845" eight-core, and the graphics processing unit Adreno 630.

Apple: a serious problem in the "iPhone X"

Apple has admitted to a serious problem with its new iPhone X phone, where it sent a document to authorized retailers identifying what to do when customers face problems with face recognition technology.

A number of customers expressed anger at the fact that the property, on which Apple was building, had not set high hopes for stronger protection.

Users post topics on forums and technical sites where they assert that the feature is not always able to recognize the face.

US investigation with Huawei of China

The US authorities are investigating China's Huawei Technologies for violating sanctions against Iran, where Huawei is alleged to have shipped US products to Iran and other countries in violation of US export and sanctions laws.

News of the Justice Department investigation follows a series of US measures aimed at halting or reducing Huawei's and ZTE's access to the US economy amid accusations that the two companies may be using their technology to spy on Americans.

Samsung responds to the technical flaw in the Galaxy S9

Samsung South Korea has issued an urgent statement saying it is currently investigating complaints about its new Galaxy S9 phone, released just a few days ago and worth $ 720 or more.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, some new phone users complained that the screen suffers from a defect and does not respond to touch.

A break between the giants of American and Korean technology, Apple and Samsung

The beginning of 2018 saw a break between technology giants, the US and the South Korean, Apple and Samsung, where the company plans to dispense with the OLED screens that buy from Samsung, and used on iPhone X, and will replace screens from LG.

Apple is set to start using LG's OLED screens on its upcoming smartphone, which is expected to be named "iPhone X Plus."

The best Android phones can be purchased now

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8, a 6.3-inch screen, 2960 x 1440 pixels, density of 521 pixels per inch.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 cores, 6 GB RAM, 64, 128 or 256 GB internal storage, expandable via microSD memory cards.

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