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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- South Korea appears to have failed to secure the side of its northern neighbor despite the understandings with the United States. It has decided to buy two advanced early warning radar systems from Tel Aviv to boost its air defense capability against Pyongyang.

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The Balfour Declaration, passed by 100 years and still British reject it, and still British governments celebrate, and even proud of the establishment of the State of Israel on the land of Palestine, has left more than five thousand people in an anti-Israel march in London against the "Balfour Declaration" and a protest against Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in London to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

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An Israeli man stormed the office of the Moscow Echo radio station in the center of the Russian capital and stabbed journalist Tatiana Vilgenwaier, who is reporting on the air.

The Moscow Echo Department said the injured journalist was taken to hospital, while doctors said her condition was dangerous, but her life was not threatened by anything.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017 09:20

Death toll in Malawi due to vampires

"Blood sucking is real in Malawi and people are dying because of it," a parliamentary MP told Malawi 24 after police launched a security crackdown after "bloodshed" and arrested two people suspected of threatening people in the country. With their blood, a practice that has aroused widespread controversy in the country.

The crisis began on September 16, 2017, when a crowd gathered around 3 people suspected of being vampires, and killed them.

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Many people like to eat juice from a glass with pieces of ice, or to decorate a slice of lemon; but they may change their mind after the serious consequences

A study at the University of Clemson, South Carolina, in the United States, on decorating cups of juice with slices of yamon, revealed serious results, and proved that this may transmit to the human 100% of the harmful bacteria.

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Blood from one of the tombs of Greenwax tombs in Batorn Rouge poured into a street in Louisiana, where the blockage of the pipes caused a blood leak mixed with a formaldehyde embalming fluid for 20 minutes.

The pictures showed the red liquid covering the front garden of the house until it reached the pier.

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