World Cup 2018, a big problem in the stadium match Tunisia and England

While the Tunisian team seeks to save the face of the Arab football, out of the game of England with a positive result, after the three defeats of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco in the first round of the group stage in the World Cup, but there is a dilemma in the stadium, which will be the match in it.

Spain coach Julien Lobetigi was sacked before the 2018 World Cup

Hours before the start of the World Cup Russia 2018, the Spanish Football Federation dismissed the Spanish coach Julien Lobetigi from the training and the next day he announced that he will take charge of Real Madrid next season.

Will the Iranian team play barefoot in the World Cup?

Will the US sanctions on Tehran affect the Iranian national team, which is participating in the World Cup qualifiers in Russia 2018, after the American sports clothing company, Nike, refused to give the Iranian team his shoes two days before the start of the World Cup in Russia .

While the Iranian team suffered from isolation as they found no team to agree to a friendly with them, with the exception of Tunisia, they were surprised by a statement by Nike, published by US channel ESPN. The sanctions imposed by the US government on Tehran meant that they were a local company You can provide shoes to players of Iran during this time.

According to the US government, any local entity that violates these sanctions against Iran will be subject to substantial fines.

Iran are in Group B alongside Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal from the agreement, which restricts Iran's nuclear program for peaceful uses in return for lifting Western sanctions.

Trump also announced the reinstatement of economic sanctions against Tehran and the companies and entities it deals with.

European companies such as Total, Enge, French Airbus, Siemens AG, Denmark's Mirsk Tankers and others have decided to leave Iran before the US sanctions are imposed.

America, Canada and Mexico will organize the 2026 World Cup

During the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Federation of Football (FIFA), the Russian capital "Moscow" won the joint file, which includes the United States of America, Mexico and Canada, the honor of organizing the World Cup 2026, at the expense of Morocco.

Channels will broadcast the World Cup Russia 2018

News Vision: Some channels of the World Cup are encrypted or open.

Qatar's BNSports Group (encrypted)

All the games will be transferred exclusively and daily media coverage in encrypted form, and you find them in satellites "Arabsat", "Suhail Sat", "Nile Sat" and "Astra".

The new World Cup Telstar 18, who is most affected by its design?

Adidas, the German giant for the manufacture of sports tools in the world, designed a new ball for the World Cup 2018, named the Telstar 18, in a scientific way to reduce the possibility of deflection from normal course during the shots.

This new design may invalidate the distinctive technique of payment used by some of the world's top players, most notably Ronaldo.

Video, Tunisian football team leaves Tunisia to Russia

Tunisian football team left Tunis Carthage airport for Russia, after conducting the last training in the Tunisian capital.

I assure Nabil Maaloul of all the players and review with them all the plans that were trained during the camp and through the municipalities played by the team in the last period.

Free broadcast of the 2018 World Cup on this channel

Lebanon has reached an agreement with Sama, the channel's distribution agent, to broadcast the 2018 World Cup on official Lebanese television so citizens can follow it free of charge, a government source said Thursday without disclosing His name.

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