French skater Gabriela Papadakis commented on the exposure of her breasts during the Winter Olympics

The French diver, Gabriela Papadakis, during her ice-skating at the Winter Olympics in South Korea's Pyeongchang city opened her dress, making her breasts visible.

"I felt what had happened right away and I prayed," said the 22-year-old French skipper, "I've had a lot of distraction, it's the worst nightmare I've ever had at the Winter Olympics.

Video: The expulsion of 9 players in a football match

Brazil, The derby between the clubs of Vitoria and Bahia saw the expulsion of nine players from both teams.

The match ended with a decision from the referee after the 32nd minute of the second half; after a fight between the players of the two teams mentioned.

Thus, the actress Bruna Marquesin, a friend of Neymar, participated in the Brazilian carnival

Bruna Marquesin, a friend of the Brazilian player Neymar, participated in the Brazilian carnival and published several photographs that shocked thousands of viewers to see the marquessin bold clothes.

Winter Games may fire inter-Korean

South Korea, Winter Games: A glimmer of hope that the Winter Games in Pyongchang will feature fire under the ashes between South Korea and its northern neighbor, which was attended by Kim Jong-un, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who heads the country's delegation.

Opening of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

The two Koreas, North Korea's athletes and South Korea went hand in hand, behind Korea's united flag, blue and white amid great enthusiasm at the Olympic Stadium, at the opening ceremony of the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in Pyongyang scheduled for February 25, 2018.

Brazilian Neymar's birthday, who are invited?

football stars,Ronaldo, his teammates and coach at the club Unai Emery, 50 people from Brazil at the expense of the former Barcelona striker, Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton were the most prominent attendees in Paris to celebrate the birthday of Paris St Germain and Brazilian Neymar on Sunday.

Ivorian Sulaimani Coulibaly: I'm crazy and I will not pay a million for Al-Ahly

Egypt Clubs, Al-Ahly's Egyptian striker, Soulimani Coulibaly, who fled after his transfer, sent to the International Sports Court a medical document confirming that he has been suffering from a psychiatric illness since 2015 and has been treated.

Turkish Football Federation suspends German players of Kurdish origin for life

Turkey News, Sports Stars, The Turkish Football Federation has suspended a German player of Kurdish origin for life and demanded a fine of $ 172,000 for his support for the demonstration against Afrin, Reuters reported.

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