Liverpool told police about Mohammed Salah

The Liverpool club told Merseyside police about a video showing Egyptian star Mohammed Salah using his mobile phone while driving.

The Spanish Kiba Arisabalaga, the most expensive goalkeeper

Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Keba Arisapalaga may be transferred to Chelsea after his 80 million-euro contract has been canceled, according to the Portuguese midfielder, who is expected to move to Real Madrid. The Spanish goalkeeper will become the most expensive goalkeeper in history.

World celebrities and insurance for their precious things, the strangest things

Famous art and sports have valuable things to pay the insurance companies to keep, for example, the famous English footballer David Beckham insured $ 70 million.

Also, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey insured parts of their bodies for large sums.

CAF and Corruption for Sports Arbitration in Ghana

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has dealt a heavy blow to the corruption of sports arbitration in Ghana, with a decision to suspend seven governors from Ghana from participating in any sporting activity.

The African Football Confederation (CAF) decision came against the backdrop of video evidence published in a press investigation into corruption in African football that showed referees receiving money to influence the results of matches.

Egyptian goalkeeper, Essam al-Hadari retires to play internationally

Egypt goalkeeper Essam Al-Hadari, 45, retired from international football with his country.

Essam Al-Hadari issued a statement saying: "Today, after 22 years, 4 months and 12 days on my first match in the Egyptian national team, I saw it as the best moment to hang my gloves, after God helped me to achieve all that I dreamed of achieving with our beloved team, to delight our great Egyptian people."

Serena Williams collapses to 3,000 spectators

Tennis star Serena Williams, who won 20 titles in the four grand slams, collapsed in front of 3000 spectators during the first round of the San Jose Tennis Championship, losing 12 consecutive runs in a one-sided encounter. It took less than an hour for the British woman, Johanna Conta, San Jose.

How did the French president intervene in order for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup?

Former FIFA president Joseph Blatter said Qatar had said on Twitter that his new book, "My Truth", had a lot of information in Chapter 10 about bad Qatari news.

Blatter added: "Bad news, Qatar accused of defaming its rival countries, the fact that Qatar won after a political intervention by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to former Vice-President Michel Platini."

Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas marries Daniela Semaan

The wedding of Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea's star on Lebanese actress Daniela Semaan, was attended by a number of stars of art and sports.

Elissa was in the forefront of artists, because she was the bride's friend.

The official ceremony was held two months ago with the family. The lavish ceremony was held on the Spanish island of Ibiza, and the Argentine player Lionel Messi and his wife, Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan player and his wife were present.

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