Star of Egypt and the world, Mohammed Salah, the player who is preparing to score goals in the largest family album

The star of Egyptian and international football, Mohamed Salah, the player who did not know the Koran, has become the talk of the hour, ahead of the stars of the ball in Brazil and Argentina, the player who trains to score the goal, and down the stadiums to make the difference, revealed the newspaper "Daily Star" Was trained on how to score his first goal in the net of Roma, before the start of the game that brought the two teams recently, at the stadium "Anfield," in the "go" semi-finals of the Champions League.

Egyptian, Mohamed Salah best player in the English Premier League 2018

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, was named the English Premier League's best player of the 2017-2018 season at the Professional League Awards in London.

Mohammed Salah has outperformed Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane, Manchester United goalkeeper David Deja, Manchester City trio Kevin De Bruin, David Silva and Leroy Sani.

The 10 most countries bought World Cup tickets

FIFA World Cup will be the last batch of 2018 World Cup tickets in Russia, with a strong demand from South American and Western European countries.

1.7 million tickets were sold to fans around the world last September, before FIFA sold 400,000 extra tickets last month, and then announced the nationality of the buyers according to the federation's data. The lion's share of the tickets was sold to the owners of the house ; Some 800,000 tickets for people of Russian nationality had gone.

Wrestler, John Cena and his niece Nicky Bella in the boldest decision

The two world wrestlers, John Cena and Nicky Bella, have been dating for 6 years, and have not decided to marry for the entire period.

But the duo seemed bored and decided to postpone as soon as he got married, even though he had said he changed himself and prioritized him, and confirmed that Nicky Bella was the woman he loved and would marry.

The retirement of the Saudi star, Yasser Al - Qahtani

The Saudi star, Al Hilal player Yasser Al Qahtani, posted a video on Twitter announcing his retirement from football.

Al-Qahtani, who was born in 1982, posted a video through his Twitter account for social networking. He takes off his shirt and sets the club's scarf to announce that he has started a new phase as a fan.

Argentinians to Lionel Messi: Do not play in Israel

The Argentine Committee for Solidarity with Palestine sent a letter to the Argentine Football Federation, which signed it, calling for the cancellation of the game scheduled for June 9, 2018, less than a week before the start of the World Cup Russia.

Canada: 15 young hockey players killed

A bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos team of young hockey players was injured when a collision took place in the Tesdale region, some 300 km north of Regina, the Canadian Press reported.

The team was on their way to their fifth qualifying game against Neapawin Hawks.

Sudanese Salma Al Majdi, the first woman to train men's football team

Sudanese Salma Al-Majidi, 27, loves soccer and while there is no women's football team in Sudan, she found a way to satisfy her passion for the popular game in training a team for men.

According to the website of the International Federation (FIFA) - Salma Al Majdi is the first woman to train a team of men in Africa and the Arab world, making them a pioneer in this field.

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