The smuggling of gold is draining the Sudanese economy

The Sudanese Ministry of Minerals announced that the amount of gold smuggled during the first half of 2018 amounted to 48.8 tons, while Khartoum seeks to reduce the smuggling of the yellow metal.

According to the ministry's report, Sudan's production of gold reached 63.3 tons in the first half of 2018, the share of companies was 8.1 tons, while traditional mining production reached 55.2 tons.

Conflicting parties in southern Sudan agree on power-sharing

In southern Sudan, a country that has been living in conflict since its separation from the motherland, Sudan, has not had previous peace agreements, most recently in 2015, only for months and then renewed fighting. Today, the conflicting parties signed a final agreement to share power, Tens of thousands of people were killed and millions displaced.

American taxpayer money you go to terrorists in Sudan

A joint investigation of i24NEWS and the Middle East Forum revealed that US taxpayers' money was going to support an al Qaeda-linked movement in Sudan during the Barack Obama administration, and that these assets were transferred after officials alerted the mistake and the relationship between the movement and al Qaeda.

The Sudanese media, Tasabih Mubarak Khater, the wife of the Minister of State for Communications embarrassing in a wedding hall

Sudanese media minister Tasabih Mubarak Khater, wife of the Minister of State for Communications, was subjected to an embarrassing situation at the same time as she entered a wedding hall in Khartoum.

BADEA’s Board of Governors meets up its 43rd annual meeting

The Board of Governors, of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), is supposed to take place in the Dead Sea, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, for its 43rd Annual Meeting, within the framework of the Joint-Annual Meetings of Arab Financial Institutions, scheduled to take place from 10 to 11 April 2018.

The Joint-Annual Meetings of Arab Financial Institutions will bring together, besides BADEA, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation, the Arab Monetary Fund and the Arab Authority for Investment and Agricultural Development.

Sudanese Salma Al Majdi, the first woman to train men's football team

Sudanese Salma Al-Majidi, 27, loves soccer and while there is no women's football team in Sudan, she found a way to satisfy her passion for the popular game in training a team for men.

According to the website of the International Federation (FIFA) - Salma Al Majdi is the first woman to train a team of men in Africa and the Arab world, making them a pioneer in this field.

Sudan filed a complaint against Egypt in the Security Council on the Halaib and Shalatin

Africa, Middle East / Khartoum has lodged a complaint with the UN Security Council accusing the Egyptian government of trying to take over the disputed Halaib region.

The application made by Sudan against Egypt was carried out by Omar Hassan al-Bashir's internationally requested mission at the United Nations

Video, the strangest marriage ritual, hit the groom with a whip

Some of the strangest marriages in Sudan, the brother of the bride whipping the groom with a whip, and this is a condition for the completion of the marriage, while the groom in other tribes flogging a number of his family to show the strength of carrying them!

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