The forces of the Syrian regime isolated the city of Douma from the rest of the eastern Ghouta

Syrian forces have isolated the city of Duma from the rest of the eastern Gouta besieged near Damascus after "control of the road linking Bharsta west and the city of Mesraba to the south of them," according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The most beautiful scenes of Syrian artist Lea Mabardi

Syrian artist Lea Mabardi, studying media at Damascus University and working in drama.

One of her most prominent works, her first television role is the series "Hayraat" (2013), directed by Samir Hussein, and then participated in many dramas and has some films.

Syrian fashion model Nigam Zino publishes her naked pictures

Fashion Models, Stars Syria / Syrian fashion model Nigam Zeno published her naked pictures on social networking sites, picked her up in a shooting session in which she crossed the red lines.

Zeno's melody appeared in the pictures she published through her own account on a social networking site, wearing underwear with a white coat over it.

Syrian actress Maram Ali becomes a copy of Maya Diab

Syrian actress Maram Ali has published photographs that show very similar to the Lebanese singer Maya Diab.

Video, the militants of the state organization join the armed factions in Idlib

The war in Syria, Opposition activists from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that more than 400 militants of the state organization and their families and dozens of wounded have surrendered themselves to the Sham Liberation Organization, which forms the backbone of the terrorist Front and its allied factions in Al Khawain area in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib. To which the State has recently organized.

The most dangerous military escalation between Israel and Iran and Syria

Syria, Iran, Israel, After Tel Aviv intercepted an Iranian drone aircraft launched from Syria and attacked Israeli targets, and targeted the fire of Damascus an Israeli aircraft, the response of the Israeli Air Force to carry out large-scale raids against Syria and Iranian targets there.

Moroccan journalist Samira Barr: I will always stand by Israel

The Palestinian Information Ministry called on the Union of Arab Journalists to punish nine Arab journalists and the institutions they work for after visiting Israel.

In a press statement, the ministry called on the Arab Journalists' Union to put the nine journalists and their institutions, if they agree to this visit, on the "black list, and stop any dealings with them."

Erdogan in Tunisia: a coup against Assad and al-Sebsi responds to the "fourth"

Tunisia / Awad Sallam / Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's visit to Tunisia has been controversial both at the internal level in Tunisia and at the Arab level, as well as the reception by Tunisian President Béji Kaid Sibsi.

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