Swedish artist Faya Yunan enters the Guinness Book

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-The Swedish artist, Faya Yunnan, entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the song "I Love Your Hands" and became the first Arabic singer to enter the encyclopedia from the "Collective Finance Door".

Syrian artist Faya Yunan has published the news on Instagram after she managed to secure collective funding for her song by donating $ 25,000 to her audience via a website called Zomal.

Washington puts Iran as an obstacle to financing the reconstruction of Syria

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates :- The complex relationship between the United States and Iran will cause Washington to refrain from funding Syria. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that Washington would make no contribution to the reconstruction of Syria as long as there were Iranian or Iranian-backed forces in the country.

Pompeo said in a speech to the Jewish Institute for National Security,"Today, the conflict in Syria is at a turning point."

"He continued, That the regime of President Bashar al-Assad "strengthened his control" on the ground "thanks to Russia and Iran," while the organization of the Islamic state and "although not yet fully eliminated, but it is weak."

The appearance of Asma al-Assad with features affected by cancer treatment

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Wife of the Syrian president, Asma al-Assad, has different features because of the impact of breast cancer treatment, which began about two months ago.

Asma al-Assad published pictures from a meeting on the development of the course of the scientific Olympiad in Syria, at Instagram, which is followed by about 300,000 observers.

America will not withdraw its troops from Syria before the Iranian withdrawal from there

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates/ US President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the decision to withdraw US troops from Syria before the withdrawal of Iranian troops from there.

Trump had announced five months ago that he wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria as soon as possible.

Syrian actress Jumana Murad converted to Islam and performed Hajj

Abu Dhabi, Vision News/ Syrian actress Jumana Murad, 45, converted to Islam and published a video wearing a headscarf in Mecca and expressed her happiness at performing Hajj.

She pointed out that it is the first time that this duty is performed by asking God to accept it and all pilgrims.

The daughter of Asala Nasri after divorce tends to seduce

Abu Dhabi, UAE, Vision News/ The daughter of the Syrian star Asala Nasri, Sham Al-Zahabi published photos on the instagram, appeared in it and some sensitive places naked.

Russia reveals the plan of America and the Liberation of Syria to destroy Syria

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates/ The American destroyer USS Sullivan arrived in the Persian Gulf with 56 rockets. The US strategic bomber, В-1В, arrived at Al-Qadir base in Qatar with 24 MGM-158 JASSM rockets.

The Sham editorial board is preparing a provocative act to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons against the civilian population in the Syrian province of Adleb.

Syrian novelist and novelist Hanna Mina left us

The Syrian writer and novelist Hanna Mina was born in Lattakia in 1924. His literary career was modest, including writing petitions to the government, writing articles and small news articles in Syria and Lebanon, and then developing large articles and short stories.

With the participation of a number of national and democratic writers in Syria and the Arab countries, Hanna Mina contributed to the founding of the Syrian Writers Association in 1951, when the Association organized the first Arab writers' conference in 1954 with the participation of a number of national and democratic writers in Syria and the Arab countries. Arabi.

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