China is building a moon to light its streets

Abu Dhabi, Beijing: China will replace street lighting poles and will create a satellite that will send it to space in 2020 to double the real moonlight at night, where it is set to light about 80 kilometers from the ground below.

China announced its new project during the national innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Chengdu.

The head of the Chengdu Research Institute of Space Science and Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Wu Chunfeng explained that the test of luminance moon began years ago, and now the technology is finally ready.

The satellite is scheduled to illuminate Chengdu, one of the three most populous cities in western China, with some 14.5 million people living there.

Bee’ah and EVOTEQ Introduce the UAE’s First Artificial Intelligence Platform for Offices of the Future

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, VISI-On.TOP—(AETOSWire)--Bee’ah. a pioneer in sustainability in the Middle East, and Evoteq, its technology partner, have announced the launch of the UAE’s first advanced Artificial Intelligence platform, which will digitally transform offices and operations to maximise productivity, business excellence and sustainable practices.

Al Manhal unveils its new digital leadership learning program

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, VISI-ON.TOP: Al Manhal, in collaboration with Skillsoft, has launched a new video channel; Al Manhal Leadership Development Program, which is aimed at providing highly actionable video learning content designed to drive leadership, innovation, and excellence at all levels in an organization.

The Al Manhal Leadership Development Program is the first-of-its-kind in the region that will be offering an integrated solution with over 115 comprehensive videos on leadership.

New Gemalto Trust ID Network enables users to control whom they share their personal data with – and when

AMSTERDAM-- Who are you, and can you prove it? The new Gemalto Trust ID Network enables users to give digital service providers fully verified and secured answers to these simple yet critical questions. By creating and managing their own ‘Self-Sovereign’ Digital ID, users can enroll with a host of different digital banking, eCommerce and eGovernment services, without having to go through repeated due diligence processes for each of them. This innovative distributed approach to Digital ID management enables service providers to leverage ubiquitous identities certified by trusted parties whilst putting users firmly in control of their data.

A new update for Windows 10 is back in time

Microsoft is preparing to release the next update to its Windows 10 operating system, which will provide users with some new features of interest, including the ability to go back in time, as the update is centered around time and effective use, through the features of Timeline and Focus Assist.

The new Timeline feature allows the user to go back to the past up to 30 days to find the endless things. Microsoft means doing anything with Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on a Windows 10 or iOS computer while signing in to a Microsoft account. I wrote a document on your smartphone and wanted to complete it on my computer. Timeline aims to search and seamlessly access this content across devices, so the ability to recover the previous stuff within up to 30 days is an important additional feature.

NASA is looking for a life outside the solar system

The US Department of Aeronautics and Space (NASA) has launched an artificial moon designed to look for potentially life-threatening planets outside the solar system.

The satellite was launched at 6:51 pm local time (22:51 GMT) from the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida, heading for space over Space X's Falcon 9 rocket.

Video, The robot Saudi Sofia Sofia praises Egyptian player Mohamed Salah

The robot Saudi Sofia, during her visit to Egypt, she addressed a forum on technology and industrial intelligence under the name of "Creativity Industry Forum".

During her speech she praised the Egyptian player Mohammed Salah, and said that he has achieved many achievements and successes and hoped that many follow his footsteps.

Start with Marilyn Monroe, a project to bring back artists from the dead

Avatars, the British studio "Pinewood" will use it to present a new artwork from starring the late seducer Marilyn Monroe, and will even embody her own life story.

The studio is based on a model called Susie Kennedy, much like the late actress in her form. Her face and body were accurately photographed and her facial expression recorded.

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