A new generation of Epson printers saves time and money for all disciplines

Epson, one of the world's largest manufacturers of printers, digital printing and imaging devices, today announced the launch of a new generation of printers, an important addition to all disciplines from libraries, engineers and small enterprises.

What social networking sites do To make you addicted to it ??

Business Insider offers a set of tricks that social networking sites use to make users addicted to following them.

Application of Instagram sends large numbers of alerts known as "Push Notifications"

Uses "Stories" or "Stories" to attract users' attention, which appear many times in different locations of the app.

SpaceX lance Falcon Hevy, la fusée la plus puissante au monde

Technologie, D'un site de lancement de fusée en Floride, où les missions spatiales ont commencé, SpaceX a lancé avec succès le Falcon Hevy, la fusée la plus puissante au monde, dans l'espace lors de son premier essai de lancement.

Scientific Warning: The field of magnetic forces surrounding the Earth is changing

Space Research:Space scientists have issued warnings about life on earth, saying they could change radically, with the changing field of magnetic forces surrounding the earth, destroying satellites and electricity, causing cancer and ending the lives of many animals.

Scientists have explained this theory, that there is a layer of liquid iron, which is melted by the heat in the ground. This liquid iron layer acts as a powerful magnetic force.

Meet Sophia, the star who will replace Hollywood beauties

Hollywood, the world of fashion and beauty / Awad Sallam / Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Rianna, Anne Hathaway, women of the fashion, fashion and beauty world, and the cover of the British magazine Stalist have different views of their personalities.

The largest asteroid of the "Burj Khalifa" may be dangerous on earth

Space Research, International Space Agency/ The US space agency "NASA": The asteroid will pass very quickly intersection of the Earth's path, which could be dangerous, and said that the date on the fourth of February next.

The agency said the asteroid's passage "does not cause panic," according to their initial calculations. NASA has released a video of the asteroid, which is moving toward the solar system to intersect with the Earth's orbit just before it passes a short distance.

Video, The moment of the meteorite falling on Finland

A Finnish meteorological agency said in a statement that a meteorite landed on Saturday in northern Finland's Laponia region, and the atmosphere was 100 light-filled and did not cause damage to the atmosphere before it arrived, without mentioning its size.

A study that recommends either protecting the land or minimizing reliance on technology

"At the moment, humans have no way to protect the planet from the solar storm, and the only thing we can do is mitigate the damage by reducing dependence on technology, or putting a wire link between us and the sun, creating a magnetic field that turns those active molecules Of its impact on the planet, "this advice reached a new study at the University of" Harvard "America.

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