G7 summit: America in the face of Europe

The summit of seven in La Malabé, Quebec, Canada, will not be 1 + 6 (America + the six European members), but will be 1 against 6, after the President imposed a tariff of tens of billions of dollars on his allies, and entered the summit raised the slogan "America First" .

"I'm ready to go to the G7 summit in Canada to fight for our country on trade (we have the worst trade agreements ever)," Trump said in a tweet.

President Donald Trump: These are the animals

During a meeting with local California leaders who support his bid to make the US border vulnerable to illegal immigration, US President Donald Trump has called on some illegal immigrants to describe "animals", drawing widespread criticism and the Mexican government saying it was unacceptable.

"There are people who enter the country or try to enter, and we stop many of them, you can not imagine how bad these people are, they are not human beings," Trump said.

What is the US president's plan to take advantage of the interests of the Korean neighbors?

The United States has been the biggest beneficiary of the Korean conflict. Now, after positive signs of healing the rift between Seoul and Pyongyang, the White House administration must look for a new way to capitalize on the rapprochement between the two neighbors so that the region does not escape the hand.

The US president appeared to be frantic with his allies as part of preparations for the upcoming summit with the North Korean leader, especially with South Korean President Mon Jae-en. He then announced, as usual on Twitter, that things were going well and that he told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe " the list.

Former director of "FBI": Russia maintains a scandal to humiliate the US president

The Russian intervention in the US elections is the driving force behind all the decisions taken within the White House. President Donald Trump is looking for decisions that suggest that he is not obedient to the Kremlin's will, but at the same time, these decisions should not be embarrassing for the Russian president.

But why does not the US president want to embarrass his Russian counterpart?

You are not alone on Facebook Messenger, the scam is expanding

You are not alone on Facebook Messenger when you talk with your friends, but there are those who watch you, because Facebook has "watched personal messages exchanged by users on a Messenger application, and sometimes intervened to block some of them," said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

President of the United States and the borders of Mexico from the civilian barrier to the military

US President Donald Trump is still looking for a way to implement one of his campaign promises to the White House - isolating Mexico from the United States, if not the security barrier - with the military barrier.

The US president is freezing funds earmarked for the reconstruction of Syria

While Russia is in the midst of a diplomatic war with the United States and European countries over the attempt to kill the Russian spy in Britain, Washington began to take decisions against Syria, where President Donald Trump ordered a freeze of more than 200 million dollars for the reconstruction of Syria, , The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The US president's decision came after he announced that his country would withdraw "very soon" from Syria after the former US administration led by Barack Obama sparked a seven-year civil war.

Playboy star Karen McDougall and her relationship with the US president in a television movie

Karen McDougall made her first television film about her relationship with US President Donald Trump, noting that their relationship began only three months after the birth of his son Barron from his wife Melania.

McDougall said in an interview with CNN that she had sex dozens of times with Trump, then a businessman in New York, and confirmed that during the relationship Trump was escorted to the marital home at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, where Trump referred to a room described as "Melania room, Saying: "She likes to spend the time she prefers to be alone" there.

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