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Germany, Augsburg: - As the new Corona virus strikes lives in European countries, including Germany, a young Tunisian terrorized citizens in the city of Augsburg.

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Tunisia, Egyptian news vision, Awad Salam: - In an exceptional and appropriate circumstance, and within the diplomatic move at the highest level of power in Tunisia, the President of the Republic, Qais Said, made a phone call to the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

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The Kingdom of Morocco:- After Egypt announced chloroquine as a treatment for the emerging coronavirus, and that its use under strict medical care may be effective in dealing with this global epidemic, a number of countries began working on this drug, and the race to reach a confirmed result.

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Tunisia, Egyptian News Vision: The President of Tunisia, Qais Said, announced new measures taken at the level of the National Security Council to curb the spread of the new Corona virus.

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Egyptian News Vision, capitals, agencies: - Corona virus news around the world is always negative, and raises fears, while the country was the heartland of the virus, which exported it to the world, is the source of the positive news, as China recorded zero infections, and zero deaths.

Tunisia, the Egyptian news vision, Awad Salam: - The Tunisian government began to amend and take a number of new decisions in the framework of confronting and trapping the new Corona virus, with the number of registered infections increasing by twenty percent during one day, as the number increased from 20 to 24 injuries.

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Capitals, agencies: - While China has continued to ease closures in its worst-hit areas, where the number of new cases has diminished, and the spread of "Covid-19" has slowed dramatically, many countries have begun precautionary measures, unlike the country that was a bastion of the virus.

Tunis, The Al-Buhaira region, east of the Tunisian capital, witnessed a suicide operation, in the vicinity of the US embassy headquarters, targeting a security patrol in a continent, killing a security person, and wounding four others, and a civil society woman, who happened to pass at the time of the attack.

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