A passenger train overturned near the Tunisian capital, video

TUNIS / A passenger train overturned near Tunis, on the express link between the city of Dahmani and the capital.

The Dahmani train coup is the departure of the train from the Dahmani station to the city of Tunis, off course.

Tunisia: Causes of smoke rising from land in Kairouan

Public opinion in Tunisia was concerned about the fumes from the earth in the city of Kairouan, especially after the views that these natural factors warn of a devastating earthquake.

Tunisia arrests two people involved in a biological attack in Germany

Tunisian authorities arrested two people in connection with a plot foiled by the German police in June 2018 to launch a biological bomb attack, where they found the poison ricin and bomb-making materials.

The German authorities arrested a 29-year-old Tunisian, Saifullah, who had ideas close to the Islamic state's organization and had manufactured ricin in his home.

"Santa Madera" by MPTA, Mad'art Carthage

"Santa Madera", presented at Mard'art Carthage on Tuesday July 31. 2018 as part of the 54th session of the International Festival of Carthage was a show full of emotions, movements and pleasures. A contemporary circus spectacle presented by choreographers Juan Ignacio Tula from Argentina and Stefan Kinsman from Costa Rica.

Gospel for 100 Voices

Gospel lovers, this spiritual music preaching love peace and serenity, were seduced by the troupe “Gospel for 100 Voices” during their show on Monday, July 30, 2018 at the Roman Theater of Carthage. Composed of vocalists and musicians representing 25 different nationalities, this choir and musicians were gathered in 1998 during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in France. But fortunately, they continued performing as their experience has gone through time transforming this choir into a professional Gospel troupe with seven albums and countless tours around the world. And it was in front of a crowded theater that magnificent troupe performed the immense register of the American musical heritage and played the best songs invoking the supreme love and preaching fraternity between men and women whatever their identity was.

The Tunis train, which is inhabited by the Jinn, closed the doors and drove without a driver, Video

Hundreds of Tunisian citizens survived the death of an investigator. They were on a train without the driver, who for some unknown reason decided to get out of it and left the train facing an unknown fate.

According to one passenger, a distress call was sent to cut off the train's electricity, stopping it before the disaster happened.

The train runs on the line between Tunis and the suburbs of Riyadh, and did not stop at the stations as usual, which made passengers complain about it.

A ship carrying migrants, confused between Tunisia and Italy

A ship carrying about 40 African migrants is still stranded between Tunisia and Italy, where the first refused to allow them to enter its ports more than a week ago, after Europe refused to receive them.

This is the first time that Tunisia has refused to receive a rescue ship for migrants.

The new Italian government closed its ports to Mediterranean-based shipping vessels, saying the EU should share the burden of hundreds of migrants being pulled out of the water.

Israel was the reason for the cancellation of two sports competitions in Tunisia and Abu Dhabi

Israel's participation in the Grand Prix of Tunis and the Grand Slam competition in Abu Dhabi were canceled after Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates refused to participate if Israel participated and played its national anthem in these two competitions.

The decision to cancel was made by the International Judo Federation as a bias against Israel, and was welcomed by Israeli Sports Minister Miri Regev (Likud), calling it "courageous" for the president of the union, Mariusz Fezer.

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