World Cup 2018, a big problem in the stadium match Tunisia and England

While the Tunisian team seeks to save the face of the Arab football, out of the game of England with a positive result, after the three defeats of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco in the first round of the group stage in the World Cup, but there is a dilemma in the stadium, which will be the match in it.

Abeer Mousi: We have established a constitution for the Third Republic and the date of the move is coming

Tunisia / Monastir / The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abir Mousi, said in response to accusations by some leaders that the party had frozen their activities because of disagreements with her about statements she considered settling accounts with her political opponents: "We do not have a response to them" because they know they are wrong, There is a coup plan in coordination from outside with some hands from the former regime who want normalization today with some parties, which we consider to be a red line, and perhaps used them.

Video: Tunisian folk music heritage when the voices of the mountains sing with the sound of wind

The Tunisian musical heritage is divided into a masterpiece, a classical, a folkloric or a folkloric, both of which occupy an important place in the oral traditions that have been formed over the ages and transmitted through generations.

 This heritage reflects aspects of Tunisian culture rooted in history.

Traditional folk music did not receive the attention of researchers, unlike the fine music that was collected, categorized, numbered and published.

Video, a tour inside the Gharibah Temple on the Tunisian island of Djerba, and an overview of the Jewish pilgrimage rituals

An alien synagogue or Jewish alien temple, is a synagogue located on the island of Djerba in southeastern Tunisia.

The synagogue is located in a small, mostly Jewish village in the past. It is called the "little hothouse", now called "Riyadh", several kilometers southwest of Houmt Souk, the capital of Djerba.

The label "alien" came from a legend that says: The temple was built to maximize the sacred stone coming from a strange land.

Video, Tunisian football team leaves Tunisia to Russia

Tunisian football team left Tunis Carthage airport for Russia, after conducting the last training in the Tunisian capital.

I assure Nabil Maaloul of all the players and review with them all the plans that were trained during the camp and through the municipalities played by the team in the last period.

Video, Tunisians dreamed of emigration and their dream turned into a nightmare on the coast of Kerqana

The accident of dozens of Tunisians on the coast of Qirqneh was not the first of its kind, but it left a great impact for everyone, especially in terms of the number of dead and missing.

There were also foreign victims who were on their way to Italy, riding the boat of death, and four brothers who dreamed of a better life on the other side of the Mediterranean, but the winds came as the ships craved.

The removal of the Tunisian interior minister from office and serious repercussions looming

After hours of wiretapping in Tunisia, in the wake of the killing of some 58 people, drowned during an illegal migration from the coast of Qirqneh, Tunisian Prime Minister Yousuf al-Shahid sacked Interior Minister Lotfi Brahem, sparking controversy in the Tunisian street, To the minister in the fight against terrorism and the restoration of security to the Tunisian street.

The Saudi Embassy in Tunisia: The artist Latifa is lying

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tunis responded to the artist Latifa about preventing her from entering the Kingdom.

The Tunisian embassy in Tunis said in a statement: "What Latifa El-Arfaoui, a Tunisian woman known as Latifa, said in a television interview about her long-standing ban on coming to the kingdom to perform Umrah.

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