Announcement of the project "The Path of Social and Economic Integration in Tunisia" PINSEC ""

Tunisia / Vision News / Follow-up / CIES ONLUS, the Tunisian organization for social solidarity, announced the launching of the project "The Social and Economic Integration in Tunisia" (PINSEC) during a seminar held in a hotel in Tunis under the chairmanship of Ms. Villara Chiopato, Mr. Adel Kharboubi, President of the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS), Mr. Flavio Loisolo, Director General of the National Agency for Employment and Independent Labor, Mr. Mohamed Mann Director of the National Observatory for Migration, Mr. Ali Belhaj, and the Regional Delegate of the Tunisian Tunisians Abroad, Mr. Yassine Aboudi.

Tunisian artist Latifa Arfaoui announces the implementation of "Latifa World" in partnership with Tunisia Telecom

During a media meeting attended by Tunisian and Arab press representatives in Tunis, Tunisia Telecom announced a partnership with the Tunisian artist residing in Egypt, Latifa Arfaoui.

Under the partnership, Latifa El Arfaoui will be able to listen to her new songs and her latest album, #fresh, on an application that will be marketed by Etisalat Tunis in cooperation with the service provider Channels.

Bold and shocking views of art stars, photos

Vision Top You have gathered images of the bold views in which the stars of art during the recent period, which were shocking views.

Video, the announcement of a new idea, a Tunisian girl applying for the engagement of her boyfriend

Tunisia, a few hours after the video, showing a girl to advance the engagement of her boyfriend in the street and give him the engagement ring amid a group of friends, who followed the applause and stood in a semi-circular behind their girlfriend, each wore a T-shirt written the words " I LOVE YOU ".

The parents of the ten French schoolchildren in Tunisia meet with the protesters

Tunisia, Paris, Foreign Policy, Awad Sallam / French President Emmanuel McCron led a state visit to Tunisia, the first since the inauguration of the presidency, aimed at "supporting the democratic process" in the country, which suffers economic and social difficulties seven years after the revolution.

Tunisian press in anger

In the wake of repeated attempts to overthrow, distort and restrict press freedom, and in the context of the systematic campaigns launched by the security and union leaders at the regional and national levels, the Tunisian Union of Association Media announced its absolute support to the National Union of Tunisian Journalists in calling for the day of anger of the Tunisian press and the open letter of the three presidents, Day "Tunisian press in anger".

Nessma Channel celebrates the first anniversary of the launch of Nessma Live and announces the new in 2018

Tunisia, News Vision, Awad Sallam: The Tunisian private television station Nessma, for its owner Nabil El-Karoui, celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of Nessma Life, a news channel, the first of its kind in the Tunisian and Arab media scene.

The most beautiful clips of Tunisian fashion model Reem Saidi

Fashion models, fashion, follow up, Reem Al Saidi is a Tunisian model from a Muslim family who won the prize of the eighth most beautiful women in the world in a magazine that means the world classifications

In a short time, Reem has become a global fashion model, based in Milan, Italy, dealing with the world's top designers and celebrities.

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