Top 10 Women in the World 2018, according to Wonders List

Hollywood stars, Bollywood, Turkey, A list prepared by Wonders List for the 10 most beautiful women in the world for 2018, based on fame, attractiveness, intelligence and success in life.

The reality of the divorce of two Turkish stars Nastelihan Atagol and her husband Kadyer Doglo

Turkey stars, The Turkish star, Naselehan Atagol, revealed the details of her recent quarrel with her husband, artist Kadyar Doglo, which was reported by the Turkish press, and predicted the use of the duo to divorce, if the problem is not resolved between them.

The most beautiful romantic snapshots of Turkish fashion designer and artist Ibrahim Chilikul and his wife Mehra Mutlu

The Turkish artist and fashion designer, Ibrahim Chilikul, famous for "Farahat" in "Black and White Love", filmed romantic shots with his wife, architect Mihra Mutlu.

The couple was secretly married away from the media in mid-May 2017, a few months after a failed love story with actress Sinam Kopal, who married Kenan Emersali Oglu.

Promo Turkish film "Named Love" starring Maryam Hussein

The promo of a Turkish film called "The Name of Love" featured a surprise, that the star Maryam Hussein Yuf will be alongside the Turkish star Mustafa Yabash.

Turkish star Mariam Ozerli reveals her new lover

Turkish drama stars, art celebrities, Turkish star Mariam Ozerli has appeared with her new boyfriend, while a long time has not yet passed on a rumor that she is associated with Egyptian Basel El Zaro. Haberturk said Turkish star Mariam Ozerli appeared with her German friend Leon Nouhout.

Turkish drama stars in spontaneous footage with their children and mothers

Turkish dramatists, who have gained fame in Turkey and in the Arab world after dubbing the Turkish soap operas into Arabic, live away from the camera lights, their normal lives with their children and their mothers.

Turkish actor Karim Bursin will celebrate New Year with the family of his beloved star Serenai Sarikaya

Turkish star Serenai Sarikaya canceled her trip to Paris with her beloved Turkish artist Karam Bursin a few hours before the flight, and invited him to celebrate with her family.
Serena Sariqaya's mother refused the idea of ​​travel and asked her to spend her New Year's holiday with her and she could invite Bursin's generosity to join the celebration with the family.

New love behind the separation of the Turkish star Mariam Ozerly from Basil Zaro

The separation of the Turkish actress Mariam Ozerli from the Egyptian media Basil Al Zaro, raised many questions, including doubt that there was a relationship between them, until the surprise appeared.

The surprise was revealed by Turkish press reports, and said that Osherly had begun a romantic relationship with Italian actor Christian Fit.

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