Fox channel concert and the most beautiful scenes of the Turkish star Hazal Kaya

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Turkish drama stars had a special presence at the annual Turkish Fox channel, especially the series, which is currently under the title yasak elma.

The protagonists of the series include Onor Tuna and Saifda Erginji alongside Ida Ek.

Collision, "çarpışma" new Turkish series starring Chin Sanju and Kivanc Tatlitug

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Turkish websites have announced a new cooperation between the Chin Sanju, known as "Dima" and Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug "Muhannad".

The new series under the title "collision çarpışma" is expected to be shown in November, on the channel Show tv.

The most beautiful pictures of the wedding of Turkish star Panso Soral

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Turkish drama stars attended the wedding of Bansu Sural from Hakan Bash, where more than 500 members of the artistic and close friends gathered.

Witnesses to the marriage contract are Mustapha Sandal, Pedrahan Soral, Muhammad Ali Aydinlar, Anwar Youss.

Mariam Ozerli returns to her Egyptian lover Basil El Zaro

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Turkish media revealed that the artist Maryam Ozerli, Sultan Hiam in the series Hareem Sultan, returned to her Egyptian lover, Basil Zaro, a few months after their separation.

Also, Maryam Ozerli revealed that she was approached again by her lover and asked him to return to her and start a new phase of their emotional relationship away from the media and the pressure of the masses, stressing that Basil Zaro had already agreed to return to it, and that they are trying to complete the story of their love quietly for about a month .. According to the site "Gecce".

The death of Turkish actor Oguz Khan

Turkish actor Oguz Khan, 22, died in a horrific traffic accident.

Oguz Khan played the role of Ozzie, in a love series for rent in his first season.

Turkish star Burak Ozjevit undergoes psychological treatment

Turkish newspaper "Güneş" revealed the illness of star Borak Ozjevit, who withdrew from his new series.

According to the newspaper, Burak Ozjevit suffers from "chronic fatigue syndrome" and is currently undergoing psychotherapy sessions with a famous doctor.

Turkish singer Holiya O'Shar's car is out of control during the dance of "Kiki"

Turkish singer Hulia Ochar has posted a 16-second video of the Kiki challenge on her official website at the Instagram site, which took place on a branch street in the town of Ayvalik in western Turkey.

At the beginning of the video, Oshar emerges from the door of her car before she begins to perform a kiki, but the car is out of control and went at full speed because it was on a slope. The video ended without hitting her car.

Holia O'Shares seems to have been wearing a bathrobe and no underwear.

Turkish singer Mustafa Gigi: My wife was a homosexual and related to a famous singer

The Turkish singer, Mustapha Gigli revealed that his ex-wife, Gendek Cinam, lesbian sex and have sex during their marriage with the singer Intzer.

Gigli filed a court suit in order to obtain custody of his son and presented in the file evidence proving his ex-wife's relationship with the Turkish singer Intzer, indicating that the evidence included photographs and videos.

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