Pentagon fears of Chinese military exercises

The Pentagon has raised concerns about military exercises conducted by China in a report to Congress.

The Pentagon report says Chinese bombers appear to be carrying out drills against US targets or US allies in the Pacific.

The worst dialogue between an American president and the assistant

US President Donald Trump described his former assistant, Umarossa Manigolt Newman, as a frenzied and demoralized dog after describing the White House as a liar.

Manigold has recorded recordings of the White House chief of staff during her discharge from her job, while promoting her memoirs about the time she spent there working with the president.

In her book, she describes the US president as "racist, lying and afraid of germs" and "has no affection for others."

The book led the White House and President Trump into another crisis and dominated news headlines for several days.

Trump described Umarosa as "degenerate" after publishing her voice recording of a hearing that was dismissed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Following her release of a recording of her conversation with Trump after her expulsion, he repeatedly described it as a misnomer.

But Trump raised the level of war of words between them to an unprecedented level even by the president, who does not hesitate to insult his critics.

Trump wrote on Twitter: "When a frenzied woman gives a crying gait and gives her a job at the White House, I think that does not work.

His comments sparked immediate criticism from the country's two biggest political parties.

The 44-year-old Umarosa, one of Trump's most hard-line supporters, is a violation of presidential trust.

"I am one of the people who protect themselves," she told CBS News, "in the world of Trump all lies."

"Everyone says something a day and changes his story the next day, I wanted to have this tape for documentation," she said. "If I find myself in a position as I said, they doubt my credibility."

Omarusa's book "Ennigged": A Look Inside on the White House under Trump.

The book describes daily repair operations during the Trump campaign and then at the White House.

"The biggest drawback of Donald Trump as a leader and a man is his total lack of empathy," the book says, describing the president as a "friend" even though she constantly attacks him.

"There is nothing more meaningful to Donald Trump than himself," says the book, claiming that he slept in a separate room from his wife's Melania room, and that Trump had brought a tanning bed to the White House.

In the biggest criticism of Trump's abilities, Omarosa describes him in his book as an accomplished businessman but he is "forgotten and frustrated" and in an "undeniable mental decline."

US media reported later on Tuesday that the Trump campaign was planning to sue Omarosa for violating the confidentiality agreement.

The former chancellor hinted that he had been registered with Tramb and was verbally abusive.

CBS has broadcast a recording of what appears to be Omarusa and is planning with other campaign officials how to repair the damage if such a recording exists.

Washington is on the line of crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada because of Samar Badawi

The United States was on the line of the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada, asking Riyadh for detailed information on the detained activists.

Saudi Arabia stopped its direct flights to Toronto, Canada's largest city, after Canada called on the kingdom to release women's rights activists.

Accused of sexual abuse as a special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for communications with America

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the appointment of US Representative Stephen Segal as Special Envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Russian-American Humanitarian Communications.

Caracas accuses Bogota of trying to assassinate President Maduro

Venezuela accused Colombia of trying to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro in a drone carrying explosives while delivering a speech at a military ceremony on Saturday.

Venezuela's state television show footage of men in military uniform dispersing after a powerful explosion cut off the speech of the president who looked at the sky, Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez "This is an attack against President Nicolas Maduro."

New escalation between Washington and Ankara

The escalation between the United States and Turkey has begun, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan saying his government would freeze the assets of the US justice and interior ministers in Turkey, if any, during a speech in Ankara.

North Korea repatriates remains of US soldiers

North Korea returned 55 US soldiers' coffins killed in the 1950-53 Korean War under an agreement between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during their summit in Singapore in June.

Experts say identification can take years.

US sanctions on Turkey because of the crisis of Rev. Andrew Branson

The United States is demanding that Turkey extradite Pastor Andrew Branson, who is under house arrest in Izmir, and if Ankara does not agree, there are US economic sanctions waiting, the Bloomberg newspaper reported.

According to the report, members of the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, listed on the list of targets prepared by the US Treasury Department against the backdrop of the crisis of relations between Washington and Ankara.

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