Will the Iranian team play barefoot in the World Cup?

Will the US sanctions on Tehran affect the Iranian national team, which is participating in the World Cup qualifiers in Russia 2018, after the American sports clothing company, Nike, refused to give the Iranian team his shoes two days before the start of the World Cup in Russia .

While the Iranian team suffered from isolation as they found no team to agree to a friendly with them, with the exception of Tunisia, they were surprised by a statement by Nike, published by US channel ESPN. The sanctions imposed by the US government on Tehran meant that they were a local company You can provide shoes to players of Iran during this time.

According to the US government, any local entity that violates these sanctions against Iran will be subject to substantial fines.

Iran are in Group B alongside Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal from the agreement, which restricts Iran's nuclear program for peaceful uses in return for lifting Western sanctions.

Trump also announced the reinstatement of economic sanctions against Tehran and the companies and entities it deals with.

European companies such as Total, Enge, French Airbus, Siemens AG, Denmark's Mirsk Tankers and others have decided to leave Iran before the US sanctions are imposed.

North Korea and America agree on comprehensive document after historic summit

Singapore, There is no doubt that the summit that brought together the President of the United States, Donald Trump, with his counterpart, North Korean President Kim Jong-un, in Singapore, is a historic summit whatever the outcome.

Despite the media hype about whether or not the Singapore Summit was held, it did not find its content when it held the same attention on its results as it found its details, location and date.

Signed a "comprehensive" joint document under which the United States pledged to provide North Korea with security guarantees and cooperation to bring peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula. While Kim Jong-un stressed his commitment to "the total elimination of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula."

When asked about nuclear disarmament, Trump said: "We have started the process," adding that "it will start very quickly."

The document does not mention the US demand for "full, verifiable and irreversible nuclear disarmament" - a formula that means abandoning weapons and accepting inspections, but underscores a commitment to a vague language according to the text.

The Singapore summit, the first between a US president and a North Korean leader, saw a lengthy shake-up between officials in a scene that could not have been imagined a few months ago when they exchanged accusations and insults.

Kim said he had "folded the page of the past" after overcoming several "obstacles" ahead of the summit, which is a "good introduction to peace." Trump praised his "special relationship" with the North Korean leader, who rules his country with an iron fist like his father and grandfather.

Trump commented with a smile that the "wonderful meeting" was "better than was possible", which made "great progress" possible.

Singapore summit, world awaits and North Korea leader cares about toilet

While the world is waiting for the results of the Singapore summit, which will bring together US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the latter pays special attention to his private trips.

Since the toilet is the first concern of the leader of the world's most controversial nation, as the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi did, insisting that he take his tent with him, we will answer questions and concerns other than what the summit will address.

Former President of Panama Martinelli was deported from America to his country

US authorities have deported former Panama President Ricardo Martinelli to his country where he will face charges of spying on journalists and political opponents.

Martinelli, who took office in Panama between 2009 and 2014, was transferred from the federal prison in Miami to Oba Luca airport where he was sent on a chartered flight to Panama City at about 6:20 am (1020 GMT).

Mystery about the detention of four children hostage in Florida, USA

News reports that four children were taken hostage in Orland, Florida, without giving reasons for the detention amid an extensive security presence surrounding the incident.

The suicide of Anthony Borden, American star and famous chef

The famous television star, Anthony Borden, 61, was found dead in a hotel room in France, where he was in the French city of Strasbourg to film an episode of CNN's "Unknown Places" program.

The channel said Anthony Borden committed suicide.

Borden is famous for writing cookbooks, and other storytelling and non-fiction stories on top of bestseller lists.

G7 summit: America in the face of Europe

The summit of seven in La Malabé, Quebec, Canada, will not be 1 + 6 (America + the six European members), but will be 1 against 6, after the President imposed a tariff of tens of billions of dollars on his allies, and entered the summit raised the slogan "America First" .

"I'm ready to go to the G7 summit in Canada to fight for our country on trade (we have the worst trade agreements ever)," Trump said in a tweet.

Video, A man stole a tank for the US Army

A US man stole an armored personnel carrier and walked through the streets of Richmond, Virginia, USA.

The US police chased him and surrendered.

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