US investigation with Huawei of China

The US authorities are investigating China's Huawei Technologies for violating sanctions against Iran, where Huawei is alleged to have shipped US products to Iran and other countries in violation of US export and sanctions laws.

News of the Justice Department investigation follows a series of US measures aimed at halting or reducing Huawei's and ZTE's access to the US economy amid accusations that the two companies may be using their technology to spy on Americans.

US authorities dismantle phone codes dead bodies

The company in Florida went to the death shop to get the fingerprints of the body of Linus Philippe, 30, who was killed by police in an ambush on a road when he tried to search his car for suspicion but fled. Police opened fire on him.

In the course of the investigation, the police discovered that Philip's cell was locked with a secret code, so he decided to get his fingerprints for decoding, to identify his phone records and to contact members of drug trafficking gangs in the state.

Former director of "FBI": Russia maintains a scandal to humiliate the US president

The Russian intervention in the US elections is the driving force behind all the decisions taken within the White House. President Donald Trump is looking for decisions that suggest that he is not obedient to the Kremlin's will, but at the same time, these decisions should not be embarrassing for the Russian president.

But why does not the US president want to embarrass his Russian counterpart?

American-British-French aggression on Syria, awaiting the Iranian-Russian response

Waiting for Russia, an American, British and French aggression on Syria took place at dawn, as the trio bombed several Syrian sites, while huge explosions were heard in Damascus.

The next few hours may see a response from Russia, where Moscow has vowed to bring down US airliner over Russia.

Will Syria be a military post between Russia, America, France and Britain?

American Wars, As the largest US naval and air fleet since the invasion of Iraq heads to Syria, while Moscow is trying to avoid war, US President Donald Trump said the decision on action in Syria would be taken "very soon."

Trump told reporters that his team was "seriously considering" the situation, following an alleged chemical attack on the town of Douma, in the eastern Ghouta near Damascus.

Western powers are believed to be preparing for military strikes against President Bashar al-Assad's forces, but Damascus, a Damascus ally, opposes such action.

The American president cheers the world and describes the Syrian president as an animal

US President Donald Trump published a gospel that shocked the world in the atmosphere of the international arena over Syria and the conflict between Washington, Moscow, Beijing and France.

Trump posted on Twitter saying: "The big show tonight on Fox News at 9 pm".

"Russia has promised to drop all the missiles that will be fired at Syria, so get back, Russia, because the missiles are wonderful, new and smart coming," Trump wrote in Tuter.

Russia, China, and America in a debate about Douma in Syria

As the Syrian forces make progress, the United States opens a hot file, aggravating the situation in the region and returning it to square one.

While President Bush had approved a plan to withdraw US troops from Syria, he announced that he would make a decision on military action in Syria in the coming hours, in response to allegations of "horrific attack on Syrian innocents with banned chemical weapons." Trump, who is responsible for the attack, Will pay a heavy price, "but did not specify who is responsible, and stressed that Washington" is studying the situation very carefully. "

They say: Iran is preparing for a comprehensive war against Israel and the United States "

"The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps charged with protecting the regime in Tehran, has begun preparations for a comprehensive war, amid the escalation against Tehran from Washington and Tel Aviv, and increased talk about serious international and regional efforts to topple the Iranian regime, according to a report published by the newspaper" newspaper "Kuwait.

The paper said the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had taken financial measures and devised strategic plans to counter the battle, which many observers believe the chances of eruption are growing rapidly.

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