Biting, beating and tying, so he punished his daughters The picture of one of the children shows the effects of the attack

Biting, beating and tying, so he punished his daughters

An Iraqi "father" is the oldest of his two young children. He is currently in a hospital in the city of Najaf and Teplagan is 4 and 6 years old.

Witnesses said Zahra, a 4-year-old and her six-year-old nephew, had been bitten and bitten by their father, who chose to punish them with imprisonment and beatings after their mother was tied.

The two children were severely beaten and tortured, causing one leg to break, as well as several bruises, while other men's teeth were rattled.

The two children are currently in Al-Sadr Hospital in Najaf, and their condition is stable. The wife of the offender has brought up a case of family violence. He is a veteran of the violence and currently a fugitive and apprentice by the competent authorities.

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