Thursday, 04 June 2020

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Because of sex, they are drawn and then fed to dogs The accused and the two victims

Because of sex, they are drawn and then fed to dogs

A Russian man named "Alexander Maslenikov" appeared in camera records in a nightclub, taking the victims Daria Laputina, 29, and Olga Shaboshnikova, 28, out of the cabaret.

The friends of the victims confirmed that they had loved ones and had no reason to go with a stranger to his home.

Aleksandr Maselnikov was recently released after being jailed for rape, sexual assault and robbery.

When he tried to have sex with the victims, they refused, killing them, cutting them into small pieces and feeding them to dogs. Parts of the victims' bodies were found in a forest.

The accused was arrested after being placed on the wanted list.


The political war in Tunisia
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