Castro, the last trip in front of Guevara alongside José Martí From the second to the eighth of January 1959 Fidel Castro, "the victor" movement in all regions of the country in the "Freedom Flotilla" after the defection of the dictator Batista to the outside after being besieged in Havana when Castro took power in Santiago de Cuba.

Castro, the last trip in front of Guevara alongside José Martí

After four day trip, Castro's ashes will be buried Sunday in Santa Aafiguenaa de Santiago cemetery near the tomb of the architect Jose Marti, Cuba's independence.

In front of a statue of his colleague Che Guevara held a memorial ceremony lasted two days in the presence of his people and the leaders of friendly countries, before traveling Wednesday vessel containing the ashes to the city of Santiago de Cuba, where he will be buried Sunday.

After a memorial service lasted two days, the ashes of Fidel Castro Wednesday transferred permanently from Havana to Santiago de Cuba (east), the cradle of the Cuban revolution, which will be buried Sunday.

This funeral will end the period of national mourning for nine days since the announcement of President Raul Castro on Friday evening and the death of his brother Fidel.

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