Innocence after 21 years of executions China, a country where more penalties penalty which is estimated in the hundreds annually

Innocence after 21 years of executions

Ne Shubin, who was executed by firing squad in 1995 when he was at the age of twenty, after being convicted of rape and murder, the Supreme Court in China, proved to be innocent.

The official rate of guilty verdicts in the Chinese courts amounting to 99.92%, and the risk of committing errors exacerbated by judicial confessions sometimes extracted under pressure.

As well as China, is the largest country in the world in terms of the census, the more a country is punished by death, which is estimated in the hundreds each year, but the official number of these operations remain secret.

The Ne Shubin was convicted of rape and murder in the right of a woman found dead in a corn field near the city of Hijiaochuang (north).

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