After 2100 years, the mummy Marquez wife After 2100 years, the mummy Marquez wife
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After 2100 years, the mummy Marquez wife still flogged and her hair

The "Lady Day," or "Chen Shui-bian," the Marquis Dai's wife, lived during the era of the Han Dynasty.

She died, more than 2,000 years, were discovered inside the hillside grave, in Hunan Province, China, when workers were trying to find refuge for the air strikes.

Scientists have discovered that all the internal organs intact, as well as the blood of the platoon (A).

What a lot of mystery still surrounds the story, so much so that a musical performance for the life of Lady Dai displays in China.

Scientists believe that Lady Dai died at the age of 50 years, heart disease because of the lavish style of living.

And well it saved her body to the point where they believe that the last thing eaten before her death was the fruit cantaloupe.

The body, wrapped herself in more than 20 a layer of silk and placed inside four coffins filled with coal and clay closed, making it prohibitive to enter the water in order not to find an outlet for bacteria to enter.

When the grave was discovered, it was coffers containing 100 dress of silk, and 160 form a wooden carved representing the servants, as well as make-up and body care tools.

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