Lidwik Dolezal the "dirtiest man in Europe."
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The death of the "dirtiest man in Europe."

Lidwik Dolezal, at the age of 60 years, was suffering from a psychological condition makes him obsessed burn everything you touch his hand, and then collects the ashes and slept on it.

Lidwik lived in an abandoned farm in which he died in the village of Cservana north-central Czech Republic.

The man usually burn tires, plastics and other purposes, including all of his belongings, and then slept above the ash rubbed his body enveloping him, which made the black skin.

Lidwik Dolezal, or "the dirtiest man in Europe", as they call it, is often called on to firefighters put out the fires that lit.

Dolezal lived period of time was charged by a grant by the Czech government, but stopped because of fears of the burning of the banknotes, have been replaced by financial support nutritional meals daily give it to him by the mayor of the village.

It was the discovery of a man's death after he was delayed in the daily schedule to attend one of the shops in the village to receive food rations prescribed to him daily by the mayor, what made people skeptical that there is something that has happened to him.

The mayor contacted the local health workers who came out to check on him, to find his body sprawled in the vast ranch.

The police spokeswoman said an autopsy does not indicate any suspicious circumstances in the death.

In 2012, Dolezal told the group had produced a film about him, he had moved to this farm from a relative's house, having spent limited time in prison punishment for the loss of his identity card.

He said that his parents had died, and although he has eight brothers and sisters, it is not in touch with any of them.

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