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Britain and America and a debate about the wife of a diplomat Sakolas was involved in a road accident in Britain

Britain and America and a debate about the wife of a diplomat

The United States of America refused to extradite the wife of one of its diplomats, involved in a traffic accident in Britain, which killed a British youth. The accident was the focus of contacts between British Foreign Secretary Dominique Rapp and the US ambassador.

During the phone call between the two sides, Dominic Rapp expressed London's "disappointment" over the decision to refuse to surrender Mrs.

"Sakoulas", the wife of the American diplomat.

He said in this regard: "We consider this to be an absence of justice, and we consider that Sakolas must return to the United Kingdom (...) We are now studying all our options."

And stresses the family of the British teenager who was killed in the accident, that "Sakulas" was driving her car in the wrong direction of the road during the accident near an air base used by the US military in central England.

"Sakolas" (42 years) enjoy diplomatic immunity when she left Britain shortly after the accident.

Her lawyer said that she would not return of her own free will to Britain because she could be imprisoned for a "terrible, but unintended, accident."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Sakulas had erred in using diplomatic immunity to leave Britain, and he urged US President Donald Trump to reconsider the US position refusing to hand over "Sakulas" to the British judiciary.


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