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Including the rape of a Syrian child, the ugliest four crimes in a week In Syria, they raped her in front of her husband and then killed the whole family

Including the rape of a Syrian child, the ugliest four crimes in a week

Egyptian News Vision: - Huge crimes occurred this week between Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan, ranging from killing, rape, burning, and suicide.

The Lebanese security forces arrested one of the suspects involved in the crime of sexual assault on a Syrian child, born in 2007, after a video spread on social networking sites of the child's torture and assault by several people.

Surprisingly, those who assaulted and harassed the child 8 people, not 3 as it was raised in the media and via social media.

After identifying the child, he stated that, about two years ago, during his work in an olive press, eight Lebanese citizens (born in 1977, 1981, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2002) were subjected to sexual harassment and indecent acts with him.

A patrol of the Information Division of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces managed to arrest a suspect, and search reports were circulated and investigated against the others involved.

In Syria, a crime occurred that shook the town of Beit Sahm in Damascus countryside, and 3 children were killed with their mother, while their father was hospitalized in critical condition.

Two workers who had performed some services for the family killed all members of the house and set fire to the house and the charred woman's body was found handcuffed, and she was subjected to several stab wounds by a sharp object all over her body, and her husband, called "Yasser Told", and their three children were seen while they were The child: Bashar (11 years), Haifa (9 years), and Abd al-Rahman (4 years), with multiple stab wounds throughout the body, and all children were handcuffed.

The perpetrator, Mohamed Omar Mustafa, was arrested before attempting to escape outside the city of Damascus and its countryside, and on his investigation, he confessed to planning to rob the house in conjunction with the called "Mohamed Marzouk", who fired shots while watching a security patrol trying to escape, but he was arrested And bring him to the security center.

By investigating the accused, they confessed to what was attributed to them and said that they went to the victim's home on the pretext that they would have coffee with his owner; The fact that they were previously working for him in health work and restoration, and they are familiar with him, indicating that he is a well-off person.

They stated that after entering the house, they neglected his friend and stabbed him with several stab wounds throughout his body, and then they raped his wife after they handcuffed her and put a cover on her eyes, and then stabbed her with several stabs all over her body, and then they killed the three children by stabbing them with a sharp object (knife) and stealing A sum of money ($ 110) then burned the house to hide the crime features.

In Jordan, a twenty-year-old female pharmacist committed suicide after hanging herself with a plastic washing rope, hours before her wedding, and bruises on the body were found indicating violence.

The sources said that the girl is engaged and her wedding ceremony is scheduled, but family disputes with her fiancé's family and her family may have caused her to commit suicide.

In Egypt, the Giza Security Forces arrested a thirty-year-old man accused of killing his brother's wife in the facility center of Qanater.

The accused is mentally ill, as well as feeling jealous that he has not yet married, while his brother - who is 7 years younger than him - has two children.

The accused had come to his brother's house - in his absence - and a verbal altercation occurred between him and the victim, after which the perpetrator took a sharp object and paid her 10 stab wounds in different parts of her body that she wanted killed within minutes.


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