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Margaret Thatcher and new secrets Iron Woman and the relationship of leaders to her clothes

Margaret Thatcher and new secrets

Egyptian News Vision: Media reports have revealed new secrets about former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the Iron Woman, and talked about a relationship between world leaders and the fashion she was wearing.

Margit Thatcher used to give the names of the leaders to her clothes, and she wore "Michael Gorbachev" and "Ronald Reagan" one day.

The memoirs of Margaret Thatcher, which revealed these secrets, go back to the year 1990, in which she wore "Taylor Gorbachev Pink by Chanel" during a visit to the location of the British series "Corniche Street" in Manchester.

A number of her clothes, which usually consist of a jacket and a skirt, were also given names that refer to Terry Wogan, the BBC's broadcaster.

This information is the most recent batch recently announced by the foundation trusting the Margaret Thatcher archive, and it oversees the progressive release of its own documents and files.

Daily records also reveal that Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom, has named the Russian leader Gorbachev more than other clothes named by other leaders, and US President Ronald Reagan will be followed by Gorbachev.

Only "chosen men" had the honor of giving their names to Thatcher's clothes, "said Chris Collins, of the institution entrusted to Margaret Thatcher, explaining that Thatcher, for example, when she met the then French President Francois Mitterrand, chose to call the clothes she wore the name of Waddsdon Manor. 

A house in Buckingham County countryside where the meeting took place.


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