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The disappearance of the drug Lekonel from Egypt

After America adopted it as a treatment for the Corona virus After America adopted it as a treatment for the Corona virus

Egypt, Egyptian News Vision: Hours after the United States of America approved it as a drug for the emerging coronavirus, the drug Licylone celebrated from the Egyptian pharmacies, which may indicate that political decisions have interfered with the global health situation that has become matters.

The celebration of the drug Lekonel, which is considered a medicine for malaria, was revealed by the vice-chairman of the trade union committee of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Trade Company, Karim Karam. Karim Karam said that the drug Lykonel was withdrawn, after it was announced by US President Donald Trump to treat Corona.

America had asked Germany to purchase the intellectual property rights of a Coronavirus drug for one billion dollars, provided that it would not be sold except in the United States of America, but Berlin rejected the deal.

Karam added that: "A drug that has been withdrawn from the company's pharmacies, and placed in the Ministry of Health to use it as a strategic drug," noting that this drug does not allow its self-use, and it is required to take it under medical care for the complications it may cause, especially that it is a treatment specific to immune diseases.

Such as rheumatoid diseases and malaria. " He explained that the active substance for the treatment of corona is found in "hydroquin", which is produced by the company "Mina Farm" and "to be" "and" hydroxy chloroquine ", which is the treatment of malaria and rheumatoid, which is produced by the company" Events Senovi ".

He pointed out that the treatment approved by the United States of America is in Egypt, but it will not be of benefit to the elderly people over the age of 60 years. He pointed out that the production of any vaccine for the virus needs a period of not less than a year.

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