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Turkish, Ibrahim Kiraz was serious, and they killed him Turkish hotel workers killed their colleague

Turkish, Ibrahim Kiraz was serious, and they killed him

Turkey, Istanbul, Urfa: - It was the fault of the Turkish worker, Ibrahim Kiraz, that he worked seriously, in a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, which caused his death.

"Keraz" was found in an Istanbul hotel in unconscious in July 2019, and it was clear that he suffered injuries throughout his body, and was transferred to the intensive care department of a Urfa state hospital in the south of the country; he died after several months.

When the Turkish police opened an investigation, it became clear that what happened to this worker was a murder and not just an accident, and after searching and interrogating Kiraz colleagues at the hotel, it became clear that they killed their colleague.

One of these killers told the victim before the crime happened: "You work hard, and we promise you a bad example. Our manager wants us to act like you."

The hotel workers gathered and beat their co-worker, causing multiple injuries to his body, and died as a result, because he is seriously engaged in his work.

According to the investigation, the assassins beat and wounded their colleague, then left him in the stairwell, and returned to their work as if nothing had happened.


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