"Vajiralongkorn," the new king of Thailand whimsical

October 15, 2016
"The new king of Thailand Maha Vaguirr Alongkorn" "The new king of Thailand Maha Vaguirr Alongkorn"

"Vajiralongkorn", aged 63 years, the new king of Thailand, after the death of his father King "Bhumibol Adulyadej", at the age of 89 years, following the deterioration of his health.

Adulyadej, was the oldest king and head of state in the world, and the owner of the longest era in the history of Thailand, where he took the throne in 1950, and is on his birthday is a national day in the country.

The new and controversial King, is the only son of his father and Queen Sirikit, as his three sisters females.

Vaguirralongcorn, graduated from the Royal Military College in Canberra in Australia and served as an officer in the Thai army and trained with the British, Australian and US forces, a military pilot, a qualified helicopter pilot and had previously led combat operations against the Vietnamese through a military incursion into the Cambodian-Thailand border.

The new king Vajiralongkorn married so far from the three women, whom Princess Somswala, and they have one girl is a princess Bajrakitiapha "who was born in 1978, and in the same year began living with actress Blbrsrit Aovadeda, with whom he had several children of girls and one boy is Prince Rasmijota Dabangcorn born April 29, 2005.

The recent emergence of the new king before heading to Germany everyone's surprise, he appeared with his wife in Germany, wearing a "bra", and on the back tattoo, and pregnant with a dog in his hand.

The reports said at the time that he went to Germany aboard a Boeing 737 wearing jeans and carrying the chest, accompanied by his third wife, which was also wearing tight jeans, in addition to having 30 security guards.

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