Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective
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Indian chicken threatens future antibiotic ineffective

India, Health, Food Exports, Antibiotics used in the treatment of serious diseases will become less effective in the future, according to a study carried out after media sources said India, the largest exporter of food, used antibiotics in large quantities in fast-fattening fattening.

The Guardian newspaper said Indian farms had used a strong antibiotic in chicken fattening.

According to the source, tons of antibiotics used in cases of extreme pain, shipped to India, every year, where it is used over-the-counter.

Poultry farmers resort to strong antibiotics for fattening birds, in a short period, until they are ready for consumption, regardless of health implications.

A study showed that hundreds of tons of vital colistin antibiotics were sold to India for animal use and in particular for chicken breeding.

India, one of the world's top food exporters, is currently the world's top producer, and experts are concerned about the lack of global health action to control the use of antibiotics.

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