A magical way to sleep deeply in 10 seconds A magical way to sleep deeply in 10 seconds
Written by  Feb 03, 2018 - 209 Views

A magical way to sleep deeply in 10 seconds

Researchers at Baylor University in Texas have discovered that the simplest ways can be effective in sleeping very quickly.

That magical way is for people to ask themselves a series of questions about the activities they are expected to accomplish in the coming days, or the things they have done over the past few days, but they write all this in a small paper before going to bed.

Some 57 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 participated in the study.

The researchers concluded that all participants in the experience, covered in a deep sleep unlike others, and took less time to sleep about 10 minutes full.

"The problem is that when we go to bed, the mind begins to think, but writing them down on paper reduces any burden on the mind," Michael Skolin, a neuroscientist and sleepologist at Baylor University, , And helps to sleep very quickly. "...

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