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The field of magnetic forces surrounding the Earth The field of magnetic forces surrounding the Earth
Written by  Feb 05, 2018 - 244 Views

Scientific Warning: The field of magnetic forces surrounding the Earth is changing

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Space Research:Space scientists have issued warnings about life on earth, saying they could change radically, with the changing field of magnetic forces surrounding the earth, destroying satellites and electricity, causing cancer and ending the lives of many animals.

Scientists have explained this theory, that there is a layer of liquid iron, which is melted by the heat in the ground. This liquid iron layer acts as a powerful magnetic force.

The magnetic field is tens of thousands of miles in space, acting as a layer that protects the earth from sunlight and energy-charged currents known as solar wind.

The properties of the liquid-iron layer are unstable, and its magnetic field of energy has completely reversed itself over the past thousands of years.

It is believed that this process (to reflect the energy field itself) takes thousands of years, and scientists believe it has already begun, according to the site "Daily Mail".

The Earth's magnetic field is 10 times faster than scientists had imagined, up to 5 per cent per decade, according to data from the European Space Agency.

Magnetic shields weaken dramatically over South America.

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