10 steps to choose the correct two before marriage
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10 steps to choose the correct two before marriage

Dr Jane Nash, a psychologist at Health Spa, a British health company, offers a 10-question quiz for marriage applicants, young men and women, who can then decide on the results.

* Do you agree with the family of the wife or husband?

Relationship with a life partner's family of nightmares that we can not fully control, but can you deal with the problems, acute situations and difficulties you may encounter with the family of the other party?

Do you agree on the big things in the future of your marriage?

Where do you live? Children and their upbringing and spending money are all among the big things you have to face together. Does your partner have a willingness to discuss these things before marriage? Do you feel that, or can you reach some kind of agreement?

How does your partner's family deal with crises in your married life?

Are your partner's family trying to help you get out of the crisis? Does its assistance in resolving crises contribute real and satisfactory?

* Do you find your partner attractive?

Certainly the shape and attractiveness of life partner is not the most important element of choice, but according to most couples form plays the key role in the physical intimacy between the parties.

* Does the other party share laughter moments?

Humor and laughter is a common feeling that helps build a continuous and stable relationship, especially when the physical gravity is less and we need a spiritual affinity. Do you share the moments of laughter together?

Do you share three values?

People differ in the great values ​​of their lives, some of whom believe that communicating with family and friends is the most important thing in their lives, another that sees the importance of time and the need to preserve it, and third cares about saving some money for the future, and generally it is important for the couple to share three of these values. With you?

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Can you talk about your intimate relationship?

Will the couple or Abia want to play: The intimate relationship and the satisfaction with it play a key role in the success of the marriage. Do you feel that you can discuss this relationship?

* Are you clearly aware of your role in the family and are you ready psychologically and mentally to perform your role?

Having a man or woman in an established family is quite different from his previous pre-marital role. Now there is the responsibility of saving money and being able to manage it, caring for children and household affairs. Are you aware of your role and are ready to do it?

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Is there cultural, psychological and mental equivalence, and do you understand the difference between you?

Everyone is the essence of their culture, their upbringing and their education, and it is important for the couple to seek agreement, but more importantly, each one understands that the other has a different personality, and shared life and discussion will reveal individual differences between the parties. Are you willing to understand the difference of the other?

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Do you agree on a way to solve problems and crises between you?

Life is not entirely romantic, and problems and crises will occur within the marital home inevitably. Did you find a way to solve it? For example, the couple agree that no problem is coming out of the house, but that the solution is a secret between the spouses. Some couples also agree to stop the discussions in moments of tension and crisis for a certain period Think of each and then return to the discussion, you agreed on a way to solve the problems and crises between you?


* If most of your answers are "yes", you are fully prepared for marriage and do not hesitate.

* If most of your answers are "no," this is a warning sign, and you have to rethink the decision to marry.

* If the answers are 50% "yes" and 50% "no", you should start talking honestly with the other party so that you try to reach a greater degree of consensus.

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