Scientific studies abolish equality between women and men, and these are differences Scientific studies abolish equality between women and men, and these are differences
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Scientific studies abolish equality between women and men, and these are differences

"Science proves that we are different" and no equality between women and men. This was the title of a report in the Daily Mail, which includes a wide range of studies that reveal many different and varied biological differences at the same time between women and men,

* Cool hands of women

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge, Britain, that the proliferation of muscles in the hands of men generates more heat, while preventing the fat in the hands of women to leak the warmth to their hands at the same speed.

* Men's noses are bigger

Even if men and women are the same size, men's noses are 10 percent larger than the noses of women, according to a study by researcher Nathan Holton at the University of Iowa in 2013, where 20 men and 18 women aged 3 to 20 .

At the age of puberty, Holton found that men's skulls were larger and their noses. "In adulthood, the muscles in the boys' bodies grow, and the growth of these muscles needs more energy and more oxygen, , While fat grows in the bodies of girls, and do not need fat to oxygen, the size of the nose than men.

* But the sense of smell is stronger in women

Although men's noses are larger than women's noses, the sense of smell is stronger for women, according to a 2004 study by the Brazilian University of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian researchers found the reason for the difference in the number of brain smears in men and women. Of the 9.2 million follicle cells, women have 16.2 cells, that is, women's olfactory follicles are 40 percent higher than in men.

* Women are more able to see color differences and details

A study conducted by New York City University in 2012 found that women have a greater ability to observe differences between different colors, tonalities and details, so women are more able to observe details in home decoration and color tone illustrations.

Men have a type of color blindness that results from the presence of a genetic component in the brain that is rarely found in women.

* Men are more able to observe movement

The University of New York City study also found that men's eyes are more able to observe movement than women's eyes. This is due to the increase of optic nerve cells in the man's brain than in the woman's brain. Others, where part of his brain is occupied with the movement, is less focused during the dialogue.

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