Study: When does a woman feel remorse after a transient sexual relationship? Study: When does a woman feel remorse after a transient sexual relationship?
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Study: When does a woman feel remorse after a transient sexual relationship?

Studies have been conducted on cases where women do not feel remorse or regret may be less severe if they have a transient sexual relationship in comparison with men. While studies have shown that men do not care and feel no remorse, Focusing on situations where the degree of feeling of remorse in women is different.

But the new study in Norway and the United States found that the level of remorse and regret about transgender sex varies according to the initiator or who takes the first step.

The study involved 700 college students, all under 30, including 547 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and 216 at the University of Texas, United States.

The responses indicated that the important factor of gender discrimination in respect of remorse following transsexual sex appears in the initiator or who takes the first step towards the other party.

The woman does not regret much after the transient sexual relationship if she is the initiator of the initiative or those who wanted to, and the feeling of regret is also less "if the enjoyment of the other party to satisfy their wishes and make them happy."

"Women who initiate sex have at least two characteristics: first, to enjoy a healthy sexual psychological state, that is, to feel the maximum satisfaction and satisfaction with their sexual status," says Professor David Bass of the University of Texas.

"The second characteristic is that they feel absolute freedom to choose the person who wants to have sex with him and therefore less likely to feel remorse."

"These findings are another reminder of the importance of women's ability to make independent decisions about sexual behavior," said Joey P. Waikoff of the University of Texas.

Joy says remorse is a great feeling of unhappiness, and our findings suggest that "controlling women in their decisions to have a sexual relationship protects them from feeling remorse."

Biologically, women place greater considerations on the consequences of sex decisions because of the possibility of pregnancy.

The researchers also found that feeling "disgust" or "aversion" was one of the main causes of remorse for both men and women after transient sexual encounters.

The feeling of remorse is also heightened by "moral regret, or because the sex was not healthy or" rude ".

An interesting finding of this study is that Norwegian students have more transgender sex than their American counterparts, and there was a clear difference in the reasons for each party's feeling of remorse.

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