Foods that help you remember dreams Foods that help you remember dreams

Foods that help you remember dreams

Researchers at Adelaide University's School of Psychology prepared a study that involved 100 people in a study; half of them took 240 grams of vitamin B6 for 5 nights.

People who eat vitamin B6, which is heavily found in bananas, chickpeas and tuna, remember their dreams at 64.1 percent more than others, especially those taking placebo.

Vitamin B6 helps improve motor skills and strengthen body immunity, as well as eliminate fear and nightmares.

She noted that those who do not eat anything before sleep; have difficulty remembering their dreams; but they assert that they get a good sleep.

One of the authors of the study, "Dinholm Asbe": The natural person spends an average of 6 hours of his day dreaming

He pointed out that in order to have pure dreams (the realization that one is dreaming), we must have the ability to remember dreams on a regular basis.

He explained that net dreams have several benefits on the human body, such as: treatment of phobias, improvement of motor skills, and assistance in rehabilitation after physical trauma.

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