Spices and herbs burn fat and reduce weight quickly Spices and herbs burn fat and reduce weight quickly
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Spices and herbs burn fat and reduce weight quickly

Spices and herbs are the best way to add flavor and taste to meals, without increasing calories and sugar. These foods also help burn body fat faster and easier because of their heat-generating properties.

The report provides eight types of spices and herbs characterized by its wonderful taste and ability to burn fat quickly:

* Chili pepper

Chili d raise body temperature to promote metabolism, also helps in the metabolism and burning calories, and add chili to meals can help burn up to 100 calories per meal.

* Black pepper

Black pepper is rich in peperin, which prevents the formation of fat cells, helps to lose weight, while keeping the body against fat, and can use chili with black pepper in order to get better results.

* Peanuts or rosemary

Peanuts or rosemary, sometimes known as rosemary, are great aromatic plants beneficial to human health. They help lose weight, improve digestion, increase metabolic rate or metabolism and produce energy, and soak the leaves of the pebbles in boiling water and drink in any Time can also be added to the grilled meat, or when the chicken is cooked, and when the salad is prepared.

* Turmeric

Turmeric helps to burn body fat, which is also a type of spice that increases the body's heat and this in turn promotes metabolism, which helps to lose weight.

* Cinnamon

Cinnamon eliminates the feeling of hunger in humans, and can be added cinnamon to a plate of oatmeal, can be mixed with yogurt or added to tea or meat or even chicken to give a distinctive taste.

* Cumin

One tablespoon of cumin seeds to a meal, helps to burn fat more than three times, also cumin adds a wonderful flavor to almost everything from soup to vegetables and pulses.

* Cardamom

This type of Indian spices is known to cause gas and uncomfortable bloating in the body, also the cardamom burns fat in the body.

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