4 food items do not eat in the morning

April 05, 2021
Do not eat these foods in the morning Do not eat these foods in the morning

Daily Times: - Healthy breakfasts vary in shape, but some can cause low blood sugar levels and even weight gain.


Coffee: After a few hours of drinking coffee you feel hungry and you will be ready for a pastry or high-carb snack with low nutritional value.

Coffee stimulates energy and mental clarity that can feel good at first, but it also causes a spike in the stress hormone cortisol.

And refined carbohydrates easily convert to sugar, so we get a disastrous breakfast.

Sugary cereals make you more craving sugar shortly after you've finished eating.

They can contain a lot of highly processed ingredients, and often not enough fiber.

Ready-made bars are like chocolate in shape. These are tricky meals and cannot provide you with energy for a long time, and therefore are not useful to start the day with.

Most of the widely available breakfast staples contain sugar and fats.

And while it may provide satiety and many nutritional benefits, it also contains chemicals and GMOs that increase the risk of weight gain and have higher rates of internal fat accumulation, says Brandon Nicholas, a personal trainer and dietitian.

Pasta is a great breakfast for many, but it does not provide any protein to the body, and it is likely high in carbohydrates and sugar, which makes you feel hungry soon after eating.

We will therefore have to eat more snacks throughout the day, which makes keeping calories in a limited range more difficult and potentially leading to weight gain.

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