A study on the Israeli army reveals the greatest threat to it A study on the Israeli army reveals the greatest threat to it

A study on the Israeli army reveals the greatest threat to it

The Israeli Anti-Drug Authority conducted a study on the Israeli army and the rate of drug abuse within its ranks, and revealed that the percentage represents a large increase than it was in 2009 when the percentage of those who said they used cannabis 11%.

"In the past, cannabis smoking was a serious crime in the army, even in civilian life, and in many cases the soldier was sentenced to prison and criminally convicted," the Yedioth Ahronoth daily said.

"But as of January 2017, the Israeli army has adopted a liberal policy of light, under which soldiers who use drugs 5 times outside the military bases are referred to disciplinary measures that do not include conviction."

"The idea behind this decision is to reduce the costs of investigations into drug abuse in the Israeli army and to give the soldiers a second chance. But at the same time, many soldiers who felt relaxed began to use cannabis drugs in military bases, Sometimes in sensitive military units, before carrying out military tasks. "

In an expanded report published in its weekly supplement, the newspaper quoted Israeli soldiers as saying that the use of hashish is more common than ever, including the rules themselves.

The Israeli army is "seriously considering any use of drugs during the service, and is working to deal with this phenomenon in various ways, including education, training, investigations and law enforcement against soldiers involved in drug abuse during service," the newspaper quoted the IDF spokesman as saying.

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