Some plants reduce the risk of bowel cancer Some plants reduce the risk of bowel cancer
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Some plants reduce the risk of bowel cancer

A team of scientists at the Francis Creek Institute has discovered that there are anti-cancer substances produced by the intestines during digestion of vegetables, such as cruciferous, such as cabbage and broccoli.

The Cancer Research Institute in Britain said: "There are many reasons to eat more vegetables.

The study focused on how vegetables change the intestinal wall, using experiments on mice and small intestines growing in the laboratory.

Scientists have found that the intestinal surface, such as the skin, is constantly generated in a process lasting four to five days.

But this continuous renewal process needs very careful control; otherwise, it may lead to cancer or inflammation of the intestines.

The study, published in the journal Immune Immunology, showed that the chemicals produced by cruciferous vegetables are very important.

The scientists looked at a chemical known as endol-3-carbhenol, produced in the body by chewing such vegetables.

The study found that diets containing high levels of endol-3-carbhenol, provided protection for mice from cancer, even those whose high levels of genes caused the risk of infection.

Without a protective diet, bowel cells are divided without control.

According to the report, there are three signs of bowel cancer: blood in the stool, changes in bowel habits such as frequent going to the bathroom, feeling of colic, swelling or discomfort.

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