The best way to increase focus while you work The best way to increase focus while you work

The best way to increase focus while you work

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emiratesة A study conducted in Japan revealed that the best way to increase concentration and stimulate the mind is exercise.

He showed that exercise has a positive impact on the ability of people to plan, pay attention, remember and deal with several tasks at the same time.

The researchers predicted an improvement in accuracy and response times in the working memory test after two tests involving physical training. The positive effects of exercise only emerged after 30 minutes of stationary bike use.

But the test that combined exercise with mental function caused "mental fatigue," according to researchers in the study published in the Journal of Medicine, Physical Sciences and Exercise. "There are no significant gender differences in these effects," Kamigo said.

Dr John Ratti, professor of psychiatry at the Harvard School of Medicine in Boston, said: "We have known for some time that exercises improve working memory ... The different result here is that too much exercise may strain your mind for a short period to come."

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