The volcano "Catla" threatens northern Europe threatened with destruction The volcano "Catla" threatens northern Europe threatened with destruction
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The volcano "Catla" threatens northern Europe threatened with destruction

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, British newspaper "Daily Mail" said that the volcano "Catla" lying under the glacier in southwestern Iceland, which had exploded in 2010, and the smoke emitted caused the disruption of 100 thousand flights.

It was the biggest commercial air traffic shutdown since World War II, with millions stranded across northern Europe between mid-April and mid-May 2010.

According to a black scenario, a number of scientists expect the eruption of the volcano, and the ash of the volcano will cover vast areas of agricultural land, soil and destroy entire villages and residential areas;

Scientists said the volcano began to emit carbon dioxide on a very large scale, making the moment of its eruption very close, based on similar indicators of previous volcanoes in Iceland.

It will be difficult to monitor the activity of the volcano "Catla" because it is located under the glacier.

It was the last time the volcano erupted 100 years ago, when it threw five times the ashes it blew into the sky in 2010.

In July 2017, a torrent of water burst through the ice over the Katala volcano, causing a bridge to sink, suggesting that a strong heat stroke had hit the ice base and led to its melting.

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