Thursday, 09 July 2020

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China launches a vaccine against Covid-19 for the army (AD.5-N.Cove) A vaccine against Covid-19 developed by "Cansino Biologics" with a Chinese military research unit

China launches a vaccine against Covid-19 for the army

Egyptian News Vision: China, the incubator and source of the Coronavirus, began adopting the AD.5-ENC vaccine against COFED-19 and suspended the green light for the Chinese military to use this vaccine.

(AD.5- N. Cove) is a vaccine developed by Cansino Biology with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, after clinical trials have proven to be somewhat safe and effective, and it is one of eight vaccines developed by Chinese companies and researchers, She got approval for her trial in humans to prevent respiratory illness caused by the Coronavirus.

The vaccine was also approved for human trials in Canada.

AD.5-N.Cove is currently used only for military use, and its use cannot be extended without the approval of the Logistics Support Administration, "he said, referring to the administration of the Central Military Commission that approved the use of the vaccine.

The company noted that the first and second phases of clinical trials showed that the vaccine has the potential to prevent diseases caused by the Coronavirus, which have killed half a million people worldwide; However, commercial success cannot be guaranteed.

No vaccine has yet been approved for commercial use to prevent the emergence of the Coronavirus virus, But there are 12 vaccines from more than 100 worldwide that are being tested in humans.


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