Corona kills young and healthy children

April 07, 2020
Not just the elderly and the sick Not just the elderly and the sick Source de l'image: - google

Egyptian News Vision: - Within the development of viruses, the new Corona appears to have started to turn back the same trend, and after it was killing patients with psychological crises and the elderly, young and healthy people became its victims.

In recent days, many young people who have been in good health after their infection with the Covid 19 virus, a new trend in the Corona virus, have caused more anxiety.

The newspaper "Daily Mirror" site presented some possible causes of increased deaths among young and healthy people with the virus as follows: -

"One possibility is that the ACE2 gene, an enzyme that binds to the outer surface of cells in the lungs, as well as the heart, as the Corona virus uses the enzyme to enter the airway cells," said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and chief medical correspondent for CNN.

Dr. Gupta referred to a story published in the journal Science, in which Dr. Philip Murphy, of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that "differences in the ACE2 gene can make virus entry easier or more difficult to cells."

The scientists participating in this study analyze the DNA of patients who have serious cases of Covid-19, and have no underlying health problems such as diabetes or heart or lung disease, and compare them with the DNA of those who have mild disease or have no disease.

Previous to all. Another possible factor, Dr. Gupta said, is that the fluid in the pulmonary surface - a fluid secreted by the cells of the small air sacs in the lungs - becomes depleted in Covid-19 patients.

The fluid helps the lungs to expand and contract normally, but when the supply is depleted, the function is disrupted, the air sacs can collapse and breathing becomes more difficult.

Dr. Gupta wrote: “If you think of your lungs as a sponge, then the liquid will be the cleaner that will make it soft and flexible, but without this fluid, your lungs become solid and difficult to press, and this may be the reason that some patients continue to struggle even on the respiratory system. "

Researchers are also looking at the human immune system and how it responds to viruses and bacteria. The immune system can lead to serious problems.

Dr. Gupta writes: "In some healthy young adults, a highly reactive immune system can lead to a massive inflammatory storm that can overwhelm the lungs and other organs, in these cases, the elderly or weakened immune system is not the problem - it works very well."

Another possibility is that some young people think they are healthy and invincible, and thus take fewer precautions or ignore the rules of social separation to prevent themselves from contracting the Coronavirus.

Dr. Gupta added that these people were "exposed to viral loads that are much greater than the environment."

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