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Coronavirus medicine between llama and mouse Research in Italy and Belgium

Coronavirus medicine between llama and mouse

Egyptian News Vision: - In search of a cure and vaccine for the Coronavirus, COVID 19, scientists in America and Belgium have resorted to camel species, especially the llama known as "winter", while Italians are working to develop a vaccine by growing antibodies in mice.

For antibody research, researchers rely on camels because they secrete them by about a quarter of the size of humans, and they can be easily manipulated to fight infection.

Initial results indicate a possible treatment for the virus, and researchers should now study whether the same results occur in animal and human experiments, which may be several months away.

The team is due to start its animal experiments soon, but human trials may not begin until the end of the year.

Researchers have already studied llama antibodies as potential treatments for SARS and MERS outbreaks.

Viruses share a festoon or crown with the Spike proteins that the antibody attaches to.

As for the research of scientists in Italy, they developed a possible vaccine against the emerging coronavirus by developing antibodies in mice, and the bodies have already shown that they are able to neutralize the Coronavirus in the first global penetration.

The scientists added that their tests showed that with only one vaccine, mice developed antibodies that could block the virus in human cells, according to a report in the "Science Times".

They indicated that they developed 5 different vaccines, and they chose the two vaccines that showed the best results.

For its part, the vaccine-producing company, Tex Biotech, reported that laboratory tests at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Rome found that a possible vaccine could neutralize the virus in human cells.

According to Chief Executive Officer Tex Biotic, Luigi Oricicio, human trials of the vaccine will begin in the summer.

In turn, the "Science Times" magazine explained that the candidate vaccines use a technique based on high-voltage electrical impulses to make the skin more permeable, to help penetrate cells and stimulate the immune system.


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