Monday, 01 June 2020

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Egypt is close to reaching a protocol to treat COVID 19 Awaiting clinical trials

Egypt is close to reaching a protocol to treat COVID 19

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Cairo University spokesperson said in a televised statement that several types of research had been prepared to confront and eradicate the Coronavirus, similar to other universities around the world.

He explained that "there are 18 studies prepared at Cairo University, out of 55 Egyptian research, in parallel with clinical research, conducted on 8 experiments, recorded at Cairo University."

He added that "there is a therapeutic protocol that is currently being tested by the Higher Health Committee of the Ministry of Health:" The protocol consists of two drugs available in the market, and their cost is very low.

A spokesman for Cairo University confirmed that part of this protocol works as an anti-virus and another part that increases the response of the immune system.

He continued: "If this is done, the cost remains very little, and if proven successful, the following processes will begin, which are: clinical trials, then approvals, followed by production, and this takes months, but has a strategic impact in the long term."

He pointed out that 10 million pounds were approved for research teams at Cairo University, and they experimented with several other proposed protocols globally until I started testing them specifically with a questionnaire for the effectiveness of each.

The main spokesman for Cairo University said: "The main research team has completed an integrated database on ongoing research in Egypt and the world on anti-Corona vaccines, and these databases are useful for not repeating the studies of others in the future."


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