Monday, 01 June 2020

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How can prevent the spread of cancer in the brain? Innovate new ways to prevent the spread of cancer

How can prevent the spread of cancer in the brain?

Abu Dhabi, United States of America: Scientists from the United States have found a protein that helps spread cancer cells in the brain, called CEMIP.

According to MedicalXpress website, CEMIP forces blood vessels and immune cells in the brain to produce auxiliary molecules that contribute to the survival and reproduction of cancer cells and the growth of brain tumors.

Consequently, blocking the CEMIP protein slows the proliferation of cancer cells, as demonstrated by scientific experiments in mice.

This discovery will help scientists assess the risk of its development based on the level of the CEMIP protein.

The prevalence of cancer in the brain is the most aggressive, and it affects 150-200 thousand people annually in the United States only.


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