Lack of development of antibiotics threatens human health

January 22, 2020
Research on anti-inflammatory and bacterial development needs country support Research on anti-inflammatory and bacterial development needs country support Source de l'image: - google

Research and studies on the development of antibacterial agents need more international efforts, otherwise the results will be disastrous for humans, as they have produced less effective effects than before, this is what the World Health Organization said.

The organization pointed out that private investment and lack of innovation in the sector of developing new antibiotics, hampering efforts to combat infections and bacteria that fight drugs.

The World Health Organization said that 60 products are in development (50 antibiotics and 10 biological drugs), but they have little benefit compared to current treatments, and few target the most resistant antibiotic bacteria most dangerous to humans (Gram-negative bacteria); while some Antibiotics are in early stages (test phase), and it will take years before reaching patients.

The Director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tiedros Gebriusos, believes that the risk of antimicrobial resistance was not more urgent than before and the need for solutions is becoming dire, adding that “there are many initiatives to reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance, but we also need the contributions of countries and drug factories, Sustainable financing and making new innovative drugs. ”

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