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Scientific warnings about freezing weather, earthquakes and starvation The deepest period of sunlight receding

Scientific warnings about freezing weather, earthquakes and starvation

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: - The British newspaper The Sun said about experts saying that the earth is about to enter the deepest period of sunlight receding, with sunspots virtually disappearing.

Astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips said: "The minimum amount of solar energy is running, which is deep.

The sun's magnetic field has become weak, allowing additional cosmic rays in the solar system."

He added: - "Excess cosmic rays pose a danger to the health of astronauts and travelers in the polar air, and affect the electrochemistry in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, and may help in causing lightning."

Scientists say: entering the sun in the frame of blocking causes freezing weather, earthquakes and starvation, where they are currently located in the period of "the minimum solar energy", which means that activity on its surface decreased.

According to the British newspaper, NASA scientists fear it may be a recurrence of Dalton Minimum, which occurred between 1790 and 1830, leading to periods of severe cold, loss of crops and starvation, and powerful volcanic eruptions.

Temperatures have dropped by up to 2 ° C over 20 years, destroying the world's food production.


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