Study reveals the organic cause of dyslexia

October 22, 2017
Study reveals the organic cause of dyslexia Study reveals the organic cause of dyslexia

Two French researchers have discovered the probable cause of students' dyslexia, which can be treated, and published a study on this issue in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

The study concludes that the two worlds examined the eye in 30 cases did not suffer from the problem of dyslexia, and 30 other cases suffer from that situation.

The study revealed that in most cases of dyslexia there are round spots dominant in the eyes, not in one eye; which leads to blurry and blurring of vision.

The two worlds have discovered a profound difference in the shape of spots within the eye; there are red, green and blue cone cells, which are responsible for color determination.

The researchers found that for those without dyslexia, blue spots without conical cells were round in one eye, and rectangular or irregular in the other eye, making the round the dominant eye.

Those with dyslexia have spots in both eyes with the same rotation, which means that none of the eyes are dominant.

According to researchers, this condition results in brain confusion due to the presence of two different images somewhat; which causes dyslexia.

"This symmetry may be the biological and legislative basis behind reading and spelling deficits," said Jay Robber and Albert Le Floch.

"For students with dyslexia, the eyes are the same, which makes the brain depend on two different versions of the visual scene.

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