The latest electronic age diseases "cervical mobile" causes "smart"

April 16, 2017
 "cervical mobile" causes "smart" "cervical mobile" causes "smart"

Spine surgeons have observed an increase in the number of patients with neck and back pain associated with taking a bad posture while using smart phones for long periods of time.

Most patients, young people who were not accustomed to back pain, are exposed to cartilage slide and problems related to the integrity of the body.

"In X-rays, the neck is usually hunched back, but what we see is that the bow turns upside down as people stare at their phones for hours every day," said Todd Lanman, co-author of the study, a neurologist at the Cedras-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

"When patients get to the doctor, they really feel great pain and have cartilage problems," he said. "The real concern is that we do not know what it will do for today's children who use phones all day long."

"People usually look down when using mobile phones, especially when they write text messages, for example, by searching on the Internet or watching videos," says Lanman and Jason Collar, co-author of the study.

Previous studies have also found that people tend to have a 45-degree angle and it gets worse when they sit in comparison to standing.

The effect on the spine increases with the conditions in which the spine flexes more, they said. And the head when it is in a horizontal position between the weight of five pounds and about 5.5 pounds, but when the neck tends at a 15 degree angle, the human head weight of more than 12 kg and increase pressure on the spine with the tendency of the neck corners larger.

The doctors suggest simple lifestyle changes to relieve pressure on the neck caused by the condition they call the "mobile neck".

It is recommended to carry the mobile phone in front of the face at the eye level while using text messages.

They also suggested using hands to adjust the body's position to be more balanced and satisfied.

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