Use charcoal in teeth whitening

October 04, 2019
Use charcoal in teeth whitening Use charcoal in teeth whitening Image Source: Google

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- A new study has shown that charcoal can whiten teeth, but not charcoal used for Xi; but another substance known as charcoal teeth whitening; and because it is black, some imagine it ordinary charcoal.

Charcoal that can whiten teeth is made from coconut peels, olive pits, charcoal, sawdust and other materials.

Coal has a negative electrical charge, which attracts positively charged particles, such as those found in toxins and gases, so they absorb and dispose of them, according to the Web site.

The chemical properties of charcoal enhance the natural whitening of the teeth, as it detoxify and get a stylish smile.

However, the American Dental Association did not approve the use of any charcoal products for teeth whitening, while the FDA decided to rely on activated charcoal for many health uses.

Some experts also warn that charcoal can damage the enamel, so you should avoid using it too much on your teeth. Do not be too abrasive.

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