Thursday, 09 July 2020

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Applications to import Corona treatment from Egypt

Egyptian News Vision: - An Egyptian pharmaceutical company has taken orders to export Anviziram tablets that are used to treat corona coronavirus to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq, according to Reuters News Agency.

The company is providing the medicine to the Egyptian Ministry of Health for use in hospitals, and it will be available to the public before the end of July 2020, but its commercial price is still being negotiated.

The company said earlier this month that it began manufacturing Anviziram, the general equivalent of the Japanese antivirals Avigan, and had received approval from the Egyptian Medicines Authority to manufacture Remdisfer, an antiviral from the US company Glade that is used to treat coronavirus.

The company had started manufacturing the drug "Anviziram" which contains the active ingredient (faviravir), which has the trade name "Avigan" in Japan, after obtaining the approval of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population for use in the treatment of people infected with the Coronavirus.

Avigan is an anti-viral drug developed by the Toyama Chemical Company of the Japanese company Fujifilm, which contains the active ingredient “faviravir” and an analog of the drug of the brand name Avigan in Japan, as it was given to some people infected with the virus during clinical trials, which It helps to prevent the reproduction of the virus inside the cell.

Clinical experiments in different countries have demonstrated the success of the drug in controlling the virus within 4-6 days of its use.


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