Thursday, 09 July 2020

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Mary Trump's Book, Other Concerns for the American President

Egyptian News Vision: - Another book added to John Bolton's book, "The Room where This Happened: Memories of the White House," adding to US President Donald Trump's insomnia.

The book of the niece of US President Mary Trump is due to be released at the end of July 2020, just 3 months before her uncle ran for a second term.

A New York judge rejected a request by the president's brother, Donald Trump, to try to stop the publication of his niece, Mary Trump, "very much and not enough: how my family created the most dangerous men in the world."

The Queens County Alternative Court Judge, Peter Kelly, cited "many errors" in the recording of Robert Trump (Donald Trump's brother), who asked the court to prevent the publication of the book highlighting "the dark history of Donald Trump's family," according to the publishing house, According to (Russia Today).

Robert Trump accused Mary of violating a secret agreement she signed in 2001 after the same court settled a family dispute over property ownership by Fred Trump, father of Donald and Robert ,and Fred Jr. (Mary's father) who died in 1981.

In her book, 240 pages, Marie, 55, narrates the secrets of the "toxic family" as witnessed in her grandparents' home, according to publisher Simon and Schuster.

The publisher said Mary describes "traumatic shocks and relationships, a tragic mixture of neglect and abuse."

He added that Mary "is the only one from the Trump family ready to tell the truth about one of the most powerful and troubled families in the world."


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