Thursday, 09 July 2020

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Tunisia: What Parliament rejected regarding Libya is claimed by GLU

Egyptian News Vision: - While the Tunisian People’s Parliament, headed by the leader of the Islamist “Ennahda Movement” party, Rashid Ghannouchi, rejected a regulation to condemn foreign interference in Libya, and made Tunisia a ground for launching this intervention, the Tunisian General Union of Work rose up, rejecting foreign interventions in Libya, calling it an “abominable occupation”, calling The presidency of the Republic of Tunisia to make the country "a springboard for Libyan dialogue, not a military base for any party."

The Tunisian General Labor Union added: "We reiterate our concerns about the worsening situation in Libya, especially in light of the presence of the occupied foreign forces and the remnants of terrorism that are gathering close to our borders."

The Tunisian General Labor Union said in a statement that it "condemns foreign interference in Libya and considers it an abominable occupation, whatever the banners raised therein."

It was added: "We call on the Presidency of the Republic to make sure that Tunisia is the starting point for this peaceful dialogue, not a military base for any party that aims to feed the fighting between the Libyan brothers and plunder their wealth."

It was also stressed that the solution "can only be in Libya and in a peaceful way away from terrorist groups."


The political war in Tunisia
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